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The best thing has been the sense of accomplishment that came with finally understanding the tricky stuff.
OSC IBDP Revision Course Student

I would highly recommend the course. It reinforces your sense of individuality, personal ideas, artistic strengths, and preferences and offers different opportunities and experiences that you would not otherwise have. It is fun, helpful, educational and inspirational! I feel much better prepared for IB art and I made many new friends too!
OSC IBDP Visual Arts Student

The best thing has been the sense of friendship and comradeship that develops quite quickly. The teachers are professional and friendly which gives a sense of one-on-one rather than a crowded classroom.
OSC Pre IB Summer School Student

The college here in Cambridge is extremely beautiful and quite a perfect setting, not only because rooms and classrooms were well sized and in good condition, but also because the Cambridge atmosphere sparks motivation to study here in the future.
OSC Mid IB Summer School Student

When observing all the students, professors and facilities in each of the universities, I feel inspired to really work to the best of my abilities so that I too may one day be proudly walking through those halls as a member of their student body.
OSC UK University Tour Student

Once again an outstanding experience in Cambridge! You are all to be congratulated for running a smooth and efficient operation. All of my students were outstanding and the other students I talked to were very keen to be in Cambridge and all very motivated to study. OSC certainly attracts talented students.
Christopher Wieland ∙ OSC Teacher

I want to thank OSC -it feels more like a family after all these years. The students are great but it is also the relationships with such a fantastic group of educators that makes it special.
OSC Teacher

I am always happy to recommend OSC to our students. The quality of teaching is of a consistently high standard and the reports we receive back from the students are really positive. Following their courses, we see a noticeable increase in our students' confidence which is a great help as they push on for higher grades.
Peter Gray ∙ IB Diploma Programme Co-ordinator, Malvern College, Oxford

My daughter had an outstanding experience. She is so happy she went to OSC. She knows exactly what she has to do during her remaining three weeks of studies. She's facing her exams with confidence.
OSC IBDP Revision Course Parent

My son had is much more confident to embark on his IBDP course after attending the Pre IB Summer School with OSC. He has expressed keen interest in attending next summer's Mid course in Cambridge.
OSC Pre IB Summer School Parent

Our son told us about the excellent and enthusiastic teachers he has met during both courses he attended. We are extremely thankful that our son had the opportunity to get to know inspiring teachers like them.
OSC IBDP Revision Course Parent

My daughter had a great time on the course (which she was rather worried about before she attended). She thought the tutors were excellent and inspiring, the OSC staff friendly and helpful and she really enjoyed meeting the other IB students. She enjoyed herself so much that she would have liked to have stayed to revise all her subjects. She left the course with much more confidence about her subject knowledge and study skills.
Mid IB Summer School Parent

I really feel the urge to congratulate the teachers on their work of these 5 days. My son left home stressed, with no self-confidence, doubting if at all he would be able to pass the exams. He came back full of enthusiasm, motivated, full of praise of his teachers, suddenly full of energy. What did you do to him?! Since then he is working day and night and I am sure he will pass well! Thank you a lot!
OSC IBDP Revision Course Parent