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The world leader in IB revision and review 

OSC is a network of hundreds of IB teachers, co-ordinated by a professional management team. We visit schools, teach on vacation courses and create IB review content, supporting tens of thousands of IB students each year. 

We are honoured by the level of trust that is placed in us by parents, students and the wider IB community. For over 25 years, we have been dedicated to offering high quality IB support built upon a strong academic foundation. This is recognised in our British Accreditation Council (BAC) report

Over 70% of our students join OSC because a friend, family member or teacher has recommended they attend. What they tell us when they leave truly inspires us ...





99% of OSC students would recommend us

97% of OSC students' grades have improved

97% feel more confident in their exams

Built on strong academic foundations



The academic structure of each OSC course has been developed in recognition of the relevant stage of the students' path through the IBDP and is based on solid pedagogical expertise.


We employ hundreds of highly experienced IBDP teachers – most have been examiners. They understand students' learning and have the expertise to support diverse needs.


Our Teachers and Authors create their classes and content based around their vast experience and the unique needs of students. They are up-to-date with syllabus changes.


We are both large and small. The large number of students allows us to offer many parallel classes. But each class is small. Taken together, this allows individual needs to be met.

OSC Projects





Our team are proud to directly support a selection of Social Enterprise activities and projects each year. Click below to read about our project in Cameroon.

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We offer peace of mind


We have been running residential courses for over 25 years and take our responsiblity of care to students very seriously. 


Professional Staff

  • All courses are run by highly experienced Directors of Studies
  • Our Academic Team manages the teachers and oversees all academic aspects of the programme
  • The pastoral team ensure that students are happy and safe, look after them when they need help and oversee our social programmes.



  • Safe cities and safe accomodation with genders seperated
  • 24-hour pastoral care with sophisticated emergency and health procedures
  • Strict curfew with morning attendance checks and evening sign-ins.