Spanish Study & Revision Guides

IBDP students taking their Language B in Spanish must develop comprehension and reasoning skills and be able to engage in successful oral and written communication. Our Spanish B Guide, provides review, practice, and guidance for students studying Spanish as an additional language at SL or HL.

The Guide:

  • Provides numerous practice exercises and questions
  • Tackles all assessed aspects of the Spanish B course:
    • oral communication
    • receptive skills
    • written productive skills
  • Includes sections on grammar and vocabulary
  • Offers guidance on how to approach each type of assessment and gain top marks

The guide is valid for students taking exams in May and November 2019.

New Language B editions are being prepared for students who started studying from August 2018. If you are interested in hearing when they are released, use the button on the right of the screen to subscribe to updates for this subject.


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