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Our French B guide is designed to assist with revision for the various aspects of the course at both Standard and Higher Levels. The 3rd Edition is new in 2017 and refreshes the content and author’s advice for students. It covers the Oral, the Text Handling (Paper 1), the Written Assignment and the Written Production (Paper 2).  The book includes examples of different types of texts as well as practice exercises or questions for both papers.

We have had huge demand for this book at the beginning of the new school year, new stock is on its way and should be available again around 9 October.


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French B
  • ISBN: 9781910689288 | Edition: 3 | Publisher: OSC Publishing
  • Written By: Marie-Laure Delvallee
  • Content

    • Covers all aspects of the French B course:
      • the oral
      • text handling
      • written production 
    • Provides separate advice for SL and HL
    • Includes tips and techniques for maximising exam performance
    • Offers guidelines and advice on approaching the individual and interactive orals


    • Practice exercises and exam-style questions
    • Examples from a range of different text types
    • Grammatical advice and key vocabulary sections
    • Revision checklists

    Valid for 2013–2019 exams

  • About the Author

    Marie-Laure Delvallée has been Head of MFL and French at St Edward’s School in Oxford since 2012, and teaches French B. She graduated from the Université du Littoral in France and completed her Masters and PGCE in “Français Langue Etrangère” at Canterbury Christ Church University. For many years, she has taught French B and Ab Initio on OSC’s intensive Spring Revision Courses and Cambridge Summer Schools.