English Study & Revision Guides


Students taking IBDP Language A in English must develop strong analytical skills as well as an ability to express themselves through both written and oral communication. Our English A Study and Revision Guides reinforce core competencies and understanding, with an emphasis on tackling internal and external assessments.

Each Guide:

•Prepares students for all internal and external assessments

•Focuses on the core skills required by the syllabus

•Provides practice exercises and exam-style questions

•Includes a glossary of critical analysis terms

Both guides are are valid for the 2013-2020 exam cycle.


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English A Literature: Study and Revision Guide (SL/HL)
  • Author: Elizabeth Stephan | 1 Ed. | ISBN: 978-1-907374-71-5
  • This is a comprehensive guide to the Literature programme. It is written to accompany and to empower the individual student throughout the course. It is also an invaluable classroom resource, written with a close and detailed knowledge and understanding of the course from the student, teacher and examiner perspective. The Guide:

    • Explains the whole Literature programme logically and lucidly, revealing productive connections between the different parts
    • Highlights the areas that students typically find difficult (eg: ‘close’ reading of texts, and essay writing), and demonstrates how to master these in clear, accessible stages
    • Defines and illustrates concepts and processes in the programme that are crucial to success but often unclear to students (and teachers)
    • Focuses in detail on each assessed component in turn, outlining what each task is, how it is assessed, and how to build the necessary skills for it
    • Provides outstanding examples of student work, with a useful analysis of each sample, so that students understand clearly how that level of work is achieved
    • Is easy to navigate and follow: chapter sections are thoughtfully organised and sequenced with clear headings; complex processes are made accessible through visuals
    • Ensures that students understand and apply what they have learned from each section and chapter, through ‘reflection’ and ‘activity’ boxes that help develop their competence in each task
  • About the Author

    Elizabeth read English at St Hugh's College Oxford and has taught IB literature for 30 years at St John's International School Belgium and Hockerill Anglo-European College, UK. She is an experienced examiner and has led numerous workshops for teachers as well as students, resulting in three books on the IB literature programme. She has taught literature at the universities of Kansas, Northwestern and Georgetown in the US, at several universities in Japan, and in secondary schools in Nigeria.

English A: Language & Literature (SL/HL)
  • Author: Fiona Swanson | 1 Ed. | ISBN: 978-1-907374-70-8
  • This Guide will help you to prepare for the written and oral assignments for your Language A: Language and Literature course in English and assist you in revising for your exams.

    Coverage includes:

    • Analytical skills acquired during the course
    • Essay-writing and oral communication
    • Summary and explanation of the assessment criteria
    • Guidance on all assessments, written and oral

    Key features:

    • Practice questions for written and oral tasks
    • A range of example texts, from newspaper articles to poetry
    • Model answers with examiner commentary
    • Tips and techniques for maximising exam performance
    • Glossary of key terms for critical analysis
  • About the Author

    Fiona is Head of International Learning and Diversity at Impington International Sixth Form for many years, has twenty years’ experience of teaching the IB Language courses, and is currently teaching Language A: Language and Literature HL/SL.