Meet our Authors

In looking for relevant resources to support their learning, students need to have confidence that those resources are linked closely to the requirements of the most current Subject Guide and that their authors are aware of the sort of issues that students face in attempting to gain greater mastery of their subjects.

OSC is careful to ensure that the Revision Guides are tailored to meet these needs as fully as possible. All of our authors have large amounts of experience of IBDP teaching and this is reflected in the style of resources. Most also have significant examining or other assessment experience.


Dave Allen

Dave Allen has taught IB Chemistry since 2000. He taught at United World College of South East Asia in Singapore, before returning to the UK in 2008 to teach at Canford School, where he is also Director of Community Action. He has taught Chemistry and TOK for revision, further study, and pre-IB since 2012. Dave co-wrote the Chemistry Question Bank for SmartBacc and writes regularly for the OSC Chemistry blog.

Martin Bluemel

Martin has taught IB Chemistry for over 20 years, both at Sevenoaks and now at Taunton School where he is now the IB Coordinator. He has a degree in Biochemistry and a PGCE from Oxford University. 

Paul Clark

Paul Clark has taught Business and Economics subjects for over 25 years and has considerable experience as an examiner and moderator for several examination boards. He is also an Author, blogger and developer of e-learning resources.

Marie-Laure Delvallee

Marie-Laure Delvallée has been Head of MFL and French at St Edward’s School in Oxford since 2012, and teaches French B. She graduated from the Université du Littoral in France and completed her Masters and PGCE in “Français Langue Etrangère” at Canterbury Christ Church University. For many years, she has taught French B and Ab Initio on OSC’s intensive Spring Revision Courses and Cambridge Summer Schools.

Hugh Duncan

Hugh studied astronomy at University College London and then gained a teaching certificate in Physics, Science and Maths at the University of Kent. He has taught IB Physics for the last 15 years in Nice, France.

George Graves

George has taught IB Economics since 1992 and has considerable experience as an examiner. As an experienced IB teacher George is used to helping students achieve their best in the examinations and is fully in touch with current exam requirements.

Peter Gray

Peter has taught IB Mathematics for over 20 years. In addition, he teaches regularly on the OSC IBDP Spring Revision Courses and Summer Schools.

Stephen Holroyd

Stephen is an experienced economics teacher and has been teaching the IB for twelve years. He is currently head of Economics, Politics and Business Studies at Malvern College, Worcestershire, England.

Andy Kemp

Andy has taught Mathematics since 2004, and is currently Head of Mathematics and Director of Digital Strategy at Taunton School where he teaches the IB Higher Level course. 

Ian Lucas

Ian is a Maths teacher with nearly 40 years’ experience. He has been involved with IB teaching from its earliest days. He is a regular teacher at OSC Spring Revision Courses and Summer Schools.

Cameron Lumsden

Cameron attended Trent University in Canada where he received an Honour's degree in Chemistry. He started teaching IB Chemistry in 1997 at the American School in Abu Dhabi, and is now at Munich International School in Germany.

Helena Matthews

Helena Matthews is a graduate of the University of Cambridge and has lived in Spain and Mexico. She has experience as an examiner and has taught IB Spanish since 2004. She is currently Head of Spanish at The Godolphin and Latymer School, UK.

Ashby Merson-Davies

Ashby Merson-Davies has been teaching IB Biology since 1978. He taught at Sevenoaks School, UK, for 32 years and he has taught revision all around the world since 1990, helping hundreds of IB Biology students to reach their full potential. He wrote one of the very first OSC Publishing Study & Revision Guides and has steadily expanded and updated the series since 2002.

Sam Olofsson

Sam Olofsson studied History at Lund University, Sweden and has taught it for the last 20 years at Malmö Borgarskola in Sweden, specialising in IB History since 1993. Sam is particularly interested in teaching methodology and has taught for many years on OSC’s world-class IBDP Revision Courses and the Boston Summer School, which means that he understands what students find challenging when they come to prepare for their exams, and how to advise them to use what they know to maximise their marks. This vital knowledge is distilled into this book.

Adrian Palmer

Adrian has over 25 years of teaching experience, including field-based environmental education and conservation work. He has been teaching IB ESS since 2001 and has experience as an examiner, workshop leader, and as part of the curriculum review team. He has taught in the UK, Thailand, and Singapore and currently teaches IB Biology, TOK, and ESS at Bangkok Patana School, Thailand.

Pat Roby

Pat is a highly experienced international educator who has taught in Brunei, Germany and Thailand and is now teaching Physics at Sevenoaks School. Pat has also taught regularly at OSC Spring Revision and Summer Schools over the past few years.

Elizabeth Stephan

Elizabeth read English at St Hugh's College Oxford and has taught IB literature for 30 years at St John's International School Belgium and Hockerill Anglo-European College, UK. She is an experienced examiner and has led numerous workshops for teachers as well as students, resulting in three books on the IB literature programme. She has taught literature at the universities of Kansas, Northwestern and Georgetown in the US, at several universities in Japan, and in secondary schools in Nigeria.

Wendy Stevens

Wendy has been teaching Maths for over 25 years and has taught regularly on OSC's Spring Revision courses and Summer Schools since 2001.

Fiona Swanson

Fiona is Head of International Learning and Diversity at Impington International Sixth Form for many years, has twenty years’ experience of teaching the IB Language courses, and is currently teaching Language A: Language and Literature HL/SL.