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OSC's IB Study & Revision Guide Series is the largest IB-specific publication range. With more than 60 guides covering 13 subjects, plus the unique 167 IB Secrets handbook, they are used by students worldwide as a companion to their Diploma Programme studies, supplementing textbooks and teaching notes.

As well as being experienced IB teachers, almost all of our authors have taught on OSC's summer and exam preparation courses where they have developed specialism in revision techniques and condensed learning. The books have been written from the outset as study guides to take advantage of this particular expertise, rather than being simply condensed textbooks. This makes a crucial difference in helping students to maintain the pace of the Diploma Programme over the two years and to do their best in exams.

Our study guides provide:

  • a focused review of the key topics and themes of the syllabus
  • quality content with advice and exam tips
  • worked examples and exam-style questions to boost confidence
  • excellent value for money




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What our students say:

"There is so much packed into the guides, they really focused on the key areas I needed help with. I feel so much more confident about my IB exams."

"The examples and questions prepared me whilst the advice pointed me in the right direction."

"The revision guides are straightforward and particularly focused on what we need to know for the exam rather than the whole course."


The guides offer succinct notes with plenty of examples and answers. My students found them extremely helpful.
IB Teacher

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