Pastoral care

OSC takes its responsibility for pastoral care very seriously.


The Deans are really helpful whenever you have problems. I felt comfortable talking to them about virtually anything, and they are always close by which I found very reassuring.
OSC Student







We have a very experienced and well-trained team of Deans on duty 24 hours a day at every residential location. Their role is the smooth running of the course and to look after all of the students' needs.

Deans join students for meals and are always around to help. They also live amongst the students in college; should students have any concerns or questions, the Deans are easy to find.

There are regular times during the day when Deans check in with students; we make sure everyone is in class in the morning and in college in the evening.

At OSC we treat our students as 'inexperienced adults'. During the day and evening students are allowed to leave the campus unsupervised knowing that our team can be contacted at any time. 





If a student has a problem with their academic work, the Deans will help them. If a residential student is ill they will take them to the doctor and look after them. If a student has problems with travel, they will help them sort out their journey plans for getting home. Our Deans can be relied upon to help with any issues that arise. We are aware that this may be the first time that some students have been away from home; our course office is always open and we welcome students to pop in or join us for a chat.





Social activities


On our summer courses, Deans also provide a programme of activities for students in the evenings and at weekends. These are free or low-cost activities that students can sign up for on course if they wish, such as games in the park, film nights, quizzes and karaoke. There are always things going on so even if students don’t know anyone else when they arrive, they will soon make a large group of friends. (These Dean-led activities run alongside the pre-booked excursions arranged by OSC).



What we expect from our students


We have a clear policy regarding the behaviour we expect from students attending our courses, as laid out in our Student Contract. We require all students to agree to the terms of this contract, which includes:

  • Respect for other students, OSC and college staff
  • Respect for college property
  • Adherence to OSC course rules (including no alcohol in College)
  • Adherence to the law (e.g. alcohol, drugs and smoking)

We treat our students with respect and allow them independence on the course. However, should the terms of the contract be broken we will contact parents and may send a student home.


OSC Safeguarding Policy


  • OSC has a comprehensive Safeguarding Policy which all Deans and teachers adhere to. Staff are fully trained in issues such as Student Welfare and Medical Procedures, and there are trained first-aiders in every college.
  • OSC adheres to a Safer Recruitment Policy and requires staff and teachers to undergo police checks before joining our team.