OSC's Pre IB Summer Schools give students exactly what they need, want and enjoy. The course is academically rigorous, providing ample dedicated class time on main IB subjects. Experienced IB teachers from top IB schools help students to reach the required starting level, whatever their education background.

During the IBDP focused summer courses students attend workshops and seminars to develop the necessary skills and knowledge to achieve success. The wonderful enrichment programme encourages students to develop, debate and explore new topics and ideas. 

This popular, reputable course guarantees students have a solid grounding going into their first year and have a summer to remember.




I got to meet a lot of people from all over the world and make really great friendships that I know will last a long time. We had so much fun studying and learning together!
OSC Student




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We also offer our outstanding IB Art Course for both Pre and Mid IB students

Italy Art Course




There was a great atmosphere in the classroom. The homework they gave us was relevant and summed up our classes, and the questionnaire I filled out before the courses matched what I received in class.
OSC Student