One-to-One Options




  • Students on the OSC Mid IB Summer Courses can opt for one-to-one advice on university and career plans and in their individual IB subjects.
  • These sessions are arranged around students' other commitments and incur additional charges; they can be taken in addition to our afternoon options.


Personal Careers Consultation


  • OSC students can opt to have a one-to-one Personal Careers Consultation, given by an experienced IBDP Careers Counsellor.
  • The session lasts for one hour and is scheduled during your free time.


A PCC allows you to:

  • Discuss your personal ambitions and explore your own career preferences

  • Obtain advice on the choice of courses available at universities

  • Find out how to obtain prospectuses and application forms

  • Find out the Diploma grades and/or SAT scores required for your preferred courses and colleges

The Counsellor will write up a report after the session summarising key points discussed, and give recommendations for future steps along with courses and institutions to investigate further.


Subject Advice


  • Occasionally, students request additional one-to-one sessions with one of our highly experienced IBDP teachers.
  • Whenever possible, we will arrange these sessions. Please note that 1-2 hours of advice in a subject is sufficient.
  • The teacher will write a brief report after the advice session(s), summarising what was discussed. 
  • Please note that we can normally only offer Subject Advice in subjects that we offer as Mid-IB morning classes in each week. If you would like advice in another subject please contact us first to discuss this with the team. 





My teacher was really knowledgeable and helped my understanding of difficult topics, in addition to teaching me new topics.
OSC Student