Brussels is a beautiful historic city, and the International School of Brussels provides the perfect place to study in a renowned state of the art facility.




Brussels is the capital city of Belgium and the de factor capital of the European Union. The city is a cultural hotspot which makes it a perfect location for our IB Revision Courses.




IB Exam Revision Brussels




Brussels is a brilliant place to visit; it has the status of the cultural and political centre of Europe whilst also being a historic city with architecture inspired by a variety of different cultures.

As a cultural center you can expect to find vast amounts of great museums, art galleries, fine restaurants, and fantastic shopping.




We are delighted with our relationship with the truly inspired International School of Brussels. The school has brilliant state-of-the-art facilities and strives for IB excellence.

The International School of Brussels is located in the south east of the city and is surrounded by historic buildings and woodland.




International School of Brussels


Established in 1951, the International School of Brussels is renowned for its academic excellence.

With state-of-the-art facilities and a strong commitment to achievement in the IB, we think the School is perfect place for intensive revision and review sessions.

We look forward to welcoming students from throughout Brussels and beyond to this impressive campus for their OSC Exam Revision Course.