This spring, OSC will be welcoming a group of final year IBDP students from Westminster Academy to our IB Revision Courses in Oxford. In this article, Westminster Academy’s IB Diploma Programme Coordinator and a handful of the IB students share their thoughts and expectations for the upcoming courses.


Embarking on the IB journey at the start of Year 12 is an adventurous step towards new subjects, new knowledge, deeper understandings and new ways of thinking. So much opportunity and potential. Then time – as it does for all of us – seems to start to accelerate and before long the mock exams have been done, the IAs sent and the revision begins. Six subjects and the learning of thousands of hours in school needs to be reviewed, assimilated and understood; a daunting task for even the most hardworking student.

For a student to think about the kind of difference an intensive OSC revision course will have on their understanding requires a remarkable amount of foresight. It’s perhaps better to ask them to trust that they’ll be in the hands of experienced IB teachers who will be able to provide just the kind of support and guidance they need. The students who I’ve known go in the past have always returned a lot more knowledgeable and a little less stressed. I’ve every faith that the Class of 2014 will feel the same.

- Stephen Butler, IB Diploma Programme Coordinator, Westminster Academy


“In two weeks I will be attending OSC’s revision courses. I’ve heard a great deal about the quality of the courses from previous students that attended and it was recommended that I enrol for English alongside any subjects I found particularly problematic. I am quite thrilled to be attending this and look forward to gaining professional advice on tackling the IB exams from these very experienced teachers.  This January, after sitting the mock exams, I was convinced that I was failing and desperately in need of support so this is an opportunity that I could not pass up on. Besides, let’s be honest, my university offers depend on me getting some pretty high grades and I hope to move closer to achieving this during my time in Oxford.”

- IB Student, Westminster Academy


How stressful and overwhelming does life as an IB student become, when faced with the prowling movement of May examinations approaching. Not to mention how lately I’ve been feeling as though the focus is solely on coursework deadlines, which have piled up to a frightening degree, and that my attempt to balance both revision and IAs has been met with dismal results. Mainly, I just want to express genuine gratitude for the opportunity to take part in OSC’s revision courses; the idea of being taught extensively by teachers, who have been teaching the IB for many years, during an intensive period (not to mention at Oxford) sounds truly promising.

I am not sure whether or not my classmates carry the same optimism that I do, yet I hope that by the end of this intensive week at Oxford our uncertainty and exam nerves may become a little bit more at ease.  Nevertheless, I am sure we all look forward to this upcoming memorable experience and even the most stubborn of us will admit that this is a unique opportunity to gather that final strength necessary to tackle these exams in the best possible way.

- IB Student, Westminster Academy


“After sitting our mock exams in early January, my year group decided that we may have certain gaps in our knowledge. We collectively didn’t feel as though we had done the best that we could have, and sought to improve. When attempting to address these issues by revising and generally studying hard, we found that we may need more help and guidance to be able to learn as efficiently as possible, to be able to achieve the best grades we can. More recently, we have been feeling even more pressure to revise well, given that we have been completing the required essays and internal assessments and this has left us all feeling worried that we might not be able to do so well in our studies, especially since the exams will soon be only a month away.

By applying to the OSC Course, we hope to make use of such an opportunity where we will be able to learn in a prestigious and professional environment, which will focus solely on consolidating the knowledge we need to have, so that it is manageable and our revision is organised. It will be a privilege to attend the courses and should make even more of our IB experience.”

IB Student, Westminster Academy