To give all IB students the best possible chance of accessing high-quality IB support, each year we offer scholarship places on our IB Revision Courses. This year, we were delighted to be able to give 14 students from 8 IB schools the opportunity to attend one of our IB Revision Courses in Oxford.

Students awarded with a scholarship will have had a real financial, academic and/or personal need for help in their final revision programme and will have submitted an application, supported by their IB Coordinator, to OSC.

Students attended from the following IB schools:

  • Henry Floyd Grammar School
  • Guernsey Grammar School
  • St Benedict’s Catholic High School
  • UWC Atlantic College
  • Bridgwater College
  • Llandrillo College
  • Parkside Community College
  • International School of Mainfranken, Germany

Both students and IB Coordinators are extremely grateful for the scholarship. Here is some of their feedback:

I would just like to thank you sincerely for giving Sophie the opportunity to attend the workshop over Easter break. She found it highly valuable and has been shouting its virtues since she returned. This is something we will be publicising again next year.
James Midgley ∙ IB Coordinator, Guernsey Grammar School

The Oxford Study Course for English Lit was fantastic! I learnt lots of new ways in structuring my essays and what to and not to include. Bigita Sardiq was incredible and advised how to use my extra time efficiently. This course has now made me feel prepared for the upcoming IB examinations!
Sophie Leale ∙ IB Student, Guernsey Grammar School

Thank you very much for making a scholarship happen for one of my IB students. This is a great opportunity and I am sure that she will greatly benefit. Also for our young school which has a graduating class for the first time, it is a great support.
Michael Gundert ∙ IB Coordinator, International School of Mainfranken