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Get ahead in the IBDP with an OSC Summer School!



Established in 1990, world leader ever since.




Spend your summer in Oxford, Cambridge, or Boston. 




99% of OSC students would recommend us.




Pre IB Summer Schools

OSC's Pre IB Summer Schools prepare students for the IBDP with inspiring teaching with expert IB teachers. The focused workshops and seminars provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge creating an environment that encourages students to develop, debate and explore new topics and ideas.

These popular, reputable courses, take place in Oxford, UK and Boston, US.

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Mid IB Summer Schools

OSC's Mid IB Summer Schools help students to avoid a 'summer dip' by using their time effectively. With highly experienced IB teachers, we consolidate a student's year one learning, close knowledge gaps, and introduce year two material.

98% of OSC Mid IB students leave feeling that their grades will improve. Mid IB Summer Schools take place in Cambridge and Boston.

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IB Visual Arts - Italy

This course is appropriate for both Pre IB and Mid IB students.

Join a small group of IB art students this summer in the beautiful setting of Tuscany, Italy. Learn from IB Art expert, Heather McReynolds, and learn about new art styles in an exciting, stimulating environment. 

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