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Established 1990

World leader ever since. 


We support students in 50% of IB Diploma Programme Schools.

3,000 years

The combined IB teaching experience of our expert tutors and authors.




IB Revision and Review Courses

Every OSC course is taught by expert and experienced IB teachers. Students who join us are inspired by studying in Harvard, MIT, Oxford, Cambridge and other amazing locations. 

  • Focused on individual needs 
  • Designed by IB experts
  • Safe locations
  • 24-hour pastoral care






Before 1st Year

Pre IB


Before 2nd Year

Mid IB


Before Exams

IB Revision






IB Study Guides

Our IB Revision Guide series is the largest IB-specific publication range and is used by IB students and schools worldwide. The authors, who are IB Teachers, Examiners and Workshop Leaders, are familiar with, and know the intricacies of the IB exams.


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All of our IB revision resources are online. Our platform offers interactive features that promote active learning, enhancing students' memory retention and recall.

















Our Story

Way back in 1990 we offered the first IB Revision Courses. In 1991 we offered the first IB Summer School. In 2003 we launched the first IB Revision Guide series. In 2014 we launched Smartbacc, the first online IB revision platform. We are dedicated to the IB and finding new ways to support the IB community. Find out what makes us special. 


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