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It really helps to have another perspective on what you learn and enables you to understand the subject more deeply.

OSC IBDP Revision Course Student

The OSC courses are a great way to ensure you are on track for your exams as well as going away with a constructive and effective study method for the final weeks of revision.

OSC IBDP Revision Course Student

I attended the OSC Revision Course in Oxford. I got 42 points overall. 777 HL. 7 in both History and English A Lang & Lit which I took courses in at OSC! Thank you!

OSC IBDP Revision Course Student

It’s great, it is the best. Having IB examiners as IB teachers is an opportunity you should not miss.

OSC IBDP Revision Course Student

I am just emailing to say I obtained 40 points in my IB Diploma and definitely wouldn't have been able to achieve that score without all the help I received from OSC, thank you so much!

OSC IBDP Revision Course Student


We cannot thank you enough for arranging this most useful course for our daughter. She benefited from it tremendously. We shall of course recommend your course to everyone at ISL.
OSC IBDP Revision Course Parent

We would like to say a big THANK YOU to OSC and for providing the Pre IB Summer Programme. It was our son’s first ever summer camp. He went with a little bit of hesitation but came back with a big smile and huge confidence boost. We as parent are very surprised and happy to see the big change in him. He has lots of positive comments about the camp, in fact he likes it so much that he wants to do it again next year for his Mid IB along with his friends.
OSC Pre IB Summer School Parent

Overall my daughter was very happy with the course. She feels more prepared for her exams and says it was good to have actual examiners give her extra tips and tricks. The courses were intense but I think it could push my daughter’s grades up by one or two points. I would recommend this course to other parents - it was worth the money and a good experience.
OSC IBDP Revision Course Parent

Alexandre attended the Pre IB course in July. He returned a transformed young man, confident and ready to tackle the requirements and expectations of the challenge which awaits him.
OSC Pre IB Summer School Parent

I am the mother of triplets, all of whom had the opportunity to experience OSC's Mid IBDP Summer Courses programme in July. I highly recommend OSC to any parent who wants their children to get the most out of their IB education, and be prepared for their IB exams.
OSC Mid IB Summer School Parent


Once again an outstanding experience in Cambridge! You are all to be congratulated for running a smooth and efficient operation. All of my students were outstanding and the other students I talked to were very keen to be in Cambridge and all very motivated to study. OSC certainly attracts talented students.
Christopher Wieland ∙ OSC Teacher

I want to thank OSC -it feels more like a family after all these years. The students are great but it is also the relationships with such a fantastic group of educators that makes it special.
OSC Teacher

The OSC community over the years - it is such a pleasure to meet up with the OSC staff and the revolving carousel of teachers - always a friendly, positive and enjoyable experience.
OSC Teacher

It is always good to know that students and parents find courses worthwhile.

We should not, however, overlook the fact that teaching an OSC course is a very valuable experience [for teachers] too. Reviewing a whole IB syllabus in 2 ½ days, pinpointing exam techniques, highlighting key marking criteria, giving students that extra insight and advantage that raises scores. It is almost as if the time pressure adds an extra dimension. This is a condensed experience that draws a 2-year IB course into a new focus and clarity.

I was recently asked, 'What is the most useful professional development course you have ever attended?’  And no formal course has ever been as good as the experience of preparing for and teaching at OSC.

And this is quite apart from the opportunity to chat to vastly experienced teachers in an informal setting each day. We learn from one another and are supported throughout by an excellent OSC team who go out of their way to make it all enjoyable.

OSC Teacher

Thank you! The best thing about the OSC course for me was the OSC staff, who were so warm, helpful and welcoming.  Another OSC teacher told me that the OSC staff were lovely people and he was spot on.
OSC Teacher

ISB was looking to partner with an organisation that had a solid track record in the field of IB teaching. It was important to us that our students would avail of expertise that came from experienced and qualified teachers who had a deep understand of the IB Diploma Programme. OSC ticked all those boxes.
Felim Bolster ∙ Head of High School, International School of Brussels, Belgium

Thanks so much for the feedback. This is positive. Naturally, we will continue to recommend our students use OSC.
IB Coordinator, UK

I am always happy to recommend OSC to our students. The quality of teaching is of a consistently high standard and the reports we receive back from the students are really positive. Following their courses, we see a noticeable increase in our students' confidence which is a great help as they push on for higher grades.
Peter Gray ∙ IB Diploma Programme Co-ordinator, Malvern College, Oxford

St George’s British International School is delighted to continue our partnership with OSC. Their hugely experienced teachers provide a wonderful complement to our own superb staff, and together we feel this is a winning combination that will help all learners to even greater levels of achievement.
Adam Oliver ∙ Head of School, St George's British International School, Italy

I wanted to email to say thank you for the visit. The feedback from the students was fantastic. The teachers said the form 11s returned from the lunchtime session buzzing with ideas. The evening session was also great. We have never had such a good turnout. The staff who were present were talking about it and commented on how compelling and informative the presentation was.
Claire Marsden, IB Coordinator, Oporto British School, Portugal

The students here really, really enjoyed the workshops and found them extremely useful. The immediate feedback that I had from students was exceedingly complimentary and I think they certainly benefitted from their time with Rosanna.
University Guidance Counsellor, Switzerland



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