The IB Diploma Programme is recognised as the best university preparation programme. Universities around the world understand the value of an IB education and IB students are known by universities to be exemplary.

For any student, when choosing a university and a course, there are many things to consider. However, for IB students, the information available is not always tailored to them. 

Together, with some of the best-ranked universities, we have developed informative and useful content for IB students and parents researching into future options.

Students who are interested to meet universities can also attend our UK and US University Fairs on our IB Summer Schools.


Bournemouth University, UK

Lancaster University, UK

New College of the Humanities London, UK

Oxford University, UK

Royal Holloway, University of London, UK

St Mary's University, UK

The University of Warwick, UK

University of Bath, UK

University of East Anglia, UK

University of Kent, UK

University of Leeds, UK

University of Surrey, UK