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Welcome to Smartbacc. Whether you are a first time user of our online revision guides, or a regular user who is looking at a new guide we want you to enjoy Smartbacc to its fullest extent.

As part of that it is important that you understand what Oxford Study Courses is happy for you to do with our product (yes, it remains ours even though you are using it), and what we are not happy for you to do. That is what this document does… called the Terms of Use it is the set of rules that we ask you to agree to before using Smartbacc.

Just in case you think all this is rather boring, here are three reasons why you should continue to read on:

  1. You should always know what it is that you are agreeing to. We have a legal obligation to tell you the rules, and so you really should take the time to check that we are not, in your opinion, being unreasonable. If you think we are, then please don’t use our Smartbacc application.
  2. By using Smartbacc you are agreeing to these Terms of Use. That means that even if you decide not to read them, when you start using Smartbacc you must obey the rules; surely it makes sense to know what the rules are first.
  3. Someone has spent money on your behalf and entered into a contract with Oxford Study Courses to provide you with access to the Smartbacc application. We call them the License Holder and they have had to sign up to a special agreement which means that if you do something wrong, even by accident, you could get them in trouble.

So we want you to read on, and it is in your interests too….


Login details

You have been provided with a username and password which will give you access to the Smartbacc Application and Material. These are unique to you and must not be disclosed to, shared with or used by anyone else. This is really important for many reasons, including:

  1. To keep the price as low as possible, we must be allowed to sell Smartbacc to as many people as possible. If you give them your credentials, we are missing out on a sale and so the price will have to go up for everyone else.
  2. If you do share the logon details with someone else, we may remove your access to Smartbacc and you would then lose out on all the benefits it could bring you.
  3. You must never share logon details with anyone as you cannot be sure what they are going to do with them. If they misbehave whilst using your logon details, you and the License Holder will be responsible for any problems that occur – and that could result in large financial and/or legal implications.


Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property is the term given to the various bits that make up the Smartbacc application and content. Lots of hard work has gone into getting everything just right, much of it by Oxford Study Courses, but some by other companies which they allow us to use under license.  So it is only fair that the creators want to retain ownership of their work.

To use Smartbacc, you must recognise that you are not being given any rights to the application or content, and can only use it as an online revision guide for yourself.

We do not give you permission to share the content with anyone else, nor do we allow you to print, take screen-shots or otherwise reproduce any or all of the content within Smartbacc.

In addition, we insist that you do not pretend to be us, borrow any of our ideas, try break into our application or do anything similar that makes us think you are not respecting us as the creators of the Application. If you want to know more about what we do and don’t allow you to do, there is a detailed list in the License Agreement – ask the License Holder for a copy.



It is part of Oxford Study Courses mission to “create a fulfilling working environment in which everyone is treated with integrity and respect”. So, not unreasonably we ask you to act with integrity and respect when using Smartbacc. Please don’t use unkind, unfair or intolerant language or language terms when using Smartbacc, or when talking to us. We will always be respectful to you, and expect the same in return. If we feel you are being inappropriate we will inform your License Holder and may prevent you from using Smartbacc.



Smartbacc has been created with the best of intentions, but unfortunately we were not able to make it just for you. It is therefore just possible that it isn’t suitable for you or doesn’t meet your needs. If this turns out to be the case, you must understand that we are not at fault. We would be very interested in why it doesn’t meet your needs, either directly to the address below or via your License Holder, and may just be able to do something to help.

Also we cannot promise that Smartbacc will make a difference to your results, although we hope it does. Smartbacc is most beneficial when accompanied by hard work and commitment (from you), but in the event that you don’t get the grades you wanted, it would not be fair to blame Smartbacc or Oxford Study Courses. If you think we can do better give us constructive feedback, but we will not accept that any failure is our fault.

Finally, while we make every effort to ensure the contents of the Application and Material is correct, an occasional error may slip through. We will not be liable for any failure or loss that occurs as a result of such an error.


Some other points

We want Smartbacc to be available for you whenever you need it, throughout the year. However all online services suffer occasional disruptions and outages during which you may not be able to access Smartbacc. If this does happen, we will take all reasonable steps to restore the Smartbacc as quickly as possible, so please bear with us at these times. Please also note that we cannot be held accountable for inconvenience or problems caused by the outage – just rest assured that we are working hard to get things back on track at our end.

Sometimes we have to update these Terms of Use and it is not always possible to let you know of each change. Therefore, even if you are a regular Smartbacc User you should check this document every few months to make sure that you still agree with them. As before, your use of Smartbacc is your acceptance of the Terms of Use.



Hopefully you can see that in these Terms of Use rather than being unreasonable, we are trying to set sensible expectations and also protecting what is rightfully ours. If you don’t agree with any aspect of this document, please do not use the Smartbacc application – instead you should talk with the License Holder, or failing that talk to us at the address below.

If we suspect that you are not behaving in line with these Terms of Use, we can remove your access to Smartbacc at any time and without warning. We don’t want to do that, but need to retain the right just in case.


Feedback to OSC

We always want to hear from you and are open to all kinds of feedback. If you have something to tell us about these Terms of Use, your experience of Smartbacc or any of the other Oxford Study Courses products, please do get in touch. We love to hear good news, but if you don’t get what you expect please let us know; that way we can learn for next time.



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