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167 IB Secrets is an International Baccalaureate book for those of you who’d really like a lot of practical help on how to get, for example, 6 extra points on your final Diploma score. It isn’t a substitute for studying – it’s about making the best use of what you have learned to impress examiners at the crucial moments. It’s about picking up a few vital extra marks here and there in enough subjects to help lift you over those grade boundaries!

167 IB Secrets: Tips, hints, and cunning tricks for getting better IB grades
  • Author: | 1 Ed.
    ISBN: 9781910689394PaperbackOSC Publishing
  • What’s the secret to surviving the IB Diploma Programme and, better still, coming out of it with top grades? A companion to be consulted throughout the two-year course; this authoritative, practical, and frequently irreverent guide shows students how to navigate the complex pathways of the IBDP and gain extra points along the way.

  • About the Author

    Tim Williams began IB teaching more than 30 years ago as Head of Languages at International College Spain in Madrid, and has since taught English, TOK, Psychology and other subjects in diverse roles around the world. His broad-ranging experience as teacher, administrator, department head, senior examiner, examiner trainer, and workshop leader, positions him perfectly to provide real-world advice to IB students.