Smartbacc, OSC's online interactive revision resource, is no longer available for purchase.


We are keeping the information below available for information for current licensees only. Note that unless otherwise advised, all existing licenses end on 31 December 2018.


Smartbacc key features are:

  • Contains diagnostic tests - check your overall knowledge of the syllabus.
  • Take topic tests to identify specific areas for attention.
  • Use exam practice questions to help you prepare to succeed.



Important: Smartbacc is suitable for 2018 November exam students ONLY. The current version will be phased out at the end of this year and all licences purchased during 2018 will expire on 31 December 2018.

The 50 modules of SL and HL content for 13 subjects are listed below. These mirror our printed revision guide range, but Smartbacc does not include the latest guides and updates published since summer 2017.



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Smartbacc gives you access to all of the available content through one licence purchase. It doesn't cover all IB subjects or all options, so please check through your areas of interest below to see what is included. Also, remember that Smartbacc is only available for exam revision in 2018 and it will not be possible to renew your licence for 2019.

  • Biology Genetics Made Easy HL
  • Biology Genetics Made Easy SL
  • Biology HL (2016 exams onwards)
  • Biology SL (2016 exams onwards)
  • Biology Option A: Neurobiology and Behaviour SL/HL
  • Biology Option B: Biotechnology and Bioinformatics SL/HL
  • Biology Option C: Ecology and Conservation SL/HL
  • Biology Option D: Human Physiology SL/HL (2016 exams onwards)
Business Management
  • Business Management HL (2016 exams onwards)
  • Business Management SL (2016 exams onwards)
  • Chemistry Option A: Materials
  • Chemistry Option B: Biochemistry
  • Chemistry HL (2016 exams onwards)
  • Chemistry SL (2016 exams onwards)
  • Chemistry Option C: Energy (2016 exams onwards)
Design Technology

No guides are currently available

  • Economics HL
  • Economics SL
  • Economics Internal Assessement HL/SL
  • Economics: Practice Questions with Answers for Paper 1 & 2 HL/SL
  • Economics Paper 3 Practice Questions SL/HL
  • English A: Literature HL/SL
  • English A: Language & Literature HL/SL
Environmental Systems and Societies
  • Environmental Systems and Societies SL

Environmental Systems and Societies (SL) contains material and guidance designed for the syllabus up to the 2016 exams and retakes. However, it may continue to be a useful classroom and study resource for students taking exams in 2017 and beyond – please check with your teacher

  • French B HL
  • French B SL
  • Geography Option A: Freshwater – Issues and Conflicts
  • Geography Option D: Hazards and Disasters
  • Geography Option C: Extreme Environments
  • Geography Paper 3: Global Interactions
  • Geography HL/SL Paper 1
  • History Paper 1: The Move to Global War HL/SL - NEW FOR 2017
  • History Paper 2: The Cold War HL/SL - NEW FOR 2017
  • History Paper 3: Europe - NEW FOR 2017

  • Maths Option: Statistics and Probability
  • Maths Option: Discrete Mathematics
  • Maths HL Sets, Relations and Groups
  • Maths Option: Calculus
  • Mathematics HL
  • Using the TI-Series Calculators in IB Mathematics
  • Mathematics SL
  • Mathematics SL: Section B Questions
  • Mathematical Studies
  • Music – HL/SL

Author: Mary Jo West | Contributing Author: Bryan Baldwin

This course provides essential resources for your success in the IB music course. It includes summarized chapters for all required components, glossary terms, embedded video and audio for score study and analysis practice, interactive games to assess your knowledge. Sample questions, solo performances and compositions include marked answers by IB music candidates to assist your understanding of the common pitfalls and mistakes. Prompts will guide you through the process, focused on guiding your understanding.

  • Physics Internal Assessment
  • Physics Option C: Imaging
  • Physics SL (2016 exams onwards)
  • Physics HL (2016 exams onwards)
  • Physics Option A: Relativity
  • Physics Option B: Engineering Physics
  • Physics Option D: Astrophysics
  • Psychology SL
  • Psychology HL
Spanish B
  • Spanish B SL
  • Spanish B HL



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50+ interactive guides across 13 subjects with exam-style questions.