Become a Future Science Leader!

​A new Pre IB Summer Programme for students who are driven to succeed in Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths. In addition to preparing for IBDP Maths and Science, students will build and programme robots, experience tech-start and industry leading companies, and be inspired by speakers from Oxford University and leaders in industry.

OSC Course Card
OSC Course Card

There is a good balance of social activities, class time, and homework – I got so much out of the programme!

OSC Course Card

The atmosphere, people, and classes were outstanding. Thank you so much!

OSC Course Card



The programme at a glance



30 June - 20 July 2019


St Antony's College, Oxford


£5,700 (All-inclusive residential)

  • 48 hours of teaching in your chosen subjects
  • 12 hours of 'Sciences Futures'
  • 12 hours of IB Expert
  • Private single bedroom including study space on campus
  • Breakfast and dinner available every day, lunch available Monday to Saturday
  • Full social programme
  • 24-hour pastoral care throughout your entire stay with us
  • Daily excursions at the weekend



The 2019 Future Science Leaders Course in Oxford has now ended.

Information for the 2020 Courses will be available soon. If you would like to be informed when this is available, please click the button below.






Who's it for?

I know the IB Diploma programme is going to be a challenge and everyone says Biology and Maths are really hard at HL so I’m looking for something that will give me a kick-start before things get really tough in September. My mum’s a doctor and my parents really want me to follow her into medicine, but I’m not so sure. Yes I do enjoy science (at least I did well in my iGCSEs) but am I cut out to be a doctor?

I love the way this course will show me the range of what I could go and do after Uni – I think that will help me decide what to do at Uni. My parents like it as I keep showing them what can be done with IB Biology and you never know, I might just find out they were right all along.

Loretta, 16, UK


I’m looking forward to getting into the proper hard stuff in Maths and Physics. The MYP was ok, but I reckon I probably learned more outside of class than in it. Dad disagrees and thinks I might be in for a bit of a shock which is why he wants me to go on this Pre-IB course. I’m ok with that as I can get in to the subjects I like earlier AND it gives me the chance to do some robotics and programming – that’s the real reason why I said ‘yes’. And if I can get to talk to a tech-start up guru maybe I can show him some of my ideas…

Hann, 15, Germany




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When your parents drop you off at St Antony’s College, they are welcome to meet our Director over a cup of English tea and a slice of cake on the college lawn. This is an opportunity for them to learn how you will benefit from your time with us and allow them to chat with other parents in the traditional setting and congenial atmosphere of an Oxford college.

Tea will be served at 16:00 each Sunday and will last approximately one hour.

Your parents can also join us for the Welcome Dinner in college from 19:00 to 20:00.

You can let us know if your parents would like to attend these events when you apply, or by contacting us directly once your applciation has been confirmed.