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Robot Inventor


The world is changing quickly!  Over the last few years, engineers have created fully-autonomous aircraft, self-driving cars and even robots that can deliver packages.  Find out how they do this as you build and programme robots in this exciting new hands-on course.


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OSC has partnered with Robotics experts Tech Camp to offer a unique 12hr robotics course called ‘Robot Inventor’.

You’ll be starting with a drag-and drop programming environment so it’s perfect for beginners.  More experienced campers will have plenty to do though, as you can progress through the course at your own pace, those who race through the initial challenges will be able to tackle more complex problems and access advanced components like light-detecting modules and ultrasonic distance sensors.

You’ll be constructing robots complete with collision sensors, buzzers, and colour-changing lights, as you complete a series of robot challenges on the surface of Mars.  Along the way, you’ll be expanding your logical reasoning and computational thinking skills which are so valuable in this fast-changing world.






Science Futures (included)


Where do you want to be in three years? Five years? Twenty years?

Are you the next Einstein? Or the next Zuckerberg? Will you help discover a cure for cancer or eradicate Malaria? Will you run a company or even inspire the next generation as a science teacher? Dare to dream!


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In this course you will explore your own future in science, whether it be something you are sure about or something you are only considering. You will attend a University fair and have a lecture from an experienced careers counsellor. Guest speakers from industry and academia will inspire you with their stories and allow you to ask frank questions of how they became so successful and you will visit an innovative company based in the technology-hub of Cambridge and its surrounding areas to see what it might be like to work in a cutting edge environment. By then end you will have broadened your horizons and come away with concrete ways to apply your IB Diploma to the bright future ahead of you.





IB Physics


In recent years Physics has given us a system that can warn millions of people of an impending Tsunami at the same time, unprecedented views of Pluto and the discovery of the Higgs Boson. But the global thirst for improved communications, alternative transportation, and eco-friendly power generation all demand further advances in wide areas of technology: What part will you play in defining our future?


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Get a headstart on Physics SL or HL level in this 12 hour IB Physics course. Led by an experienced IB Physics teacher, you will learn all out how the course works, cover important skills and core content to ensure the best possible start to your Diploma course and get top tips on how to nail practical work and the Internal Assessment.





IB Chemistry


Our reliance on and demand for materials originally synthesised in laboratories is ever-growing, which explains why companies built on chemistry are some of the most famous names in the world. BASF, ExxonMobil and Dupont are some of the big players in a global industry worth over $5.4 trillion each year. What challenge will you try to solve?


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IB Chemistry is an exciting and challenging course essential to medicine and many other career paths. Led by an experienced IB Chemistry teacher this 12 hour course for SL or HL students will cover important skills and core content to ensure the best possible start to your Diploma. You will learn how the course works, get top tips on how to excel at practical work and gain top marks in the Internal Assessment.





IB Biology


Gene therapy, vaccines to combat global pandemics, health in the developing world, obesity levels in children, a replacement for antibiotics, animal and plant species preservation… these are just some of the bigger areas of research going on today and which should be solved in our lifetimes. With Governments, charitable bodies such as the WWF, WHO and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and companies such as Pfizer and Novartis all working on solutions, there has never been a better time to enter a career in medicine or biological science.


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Some of the greatest questions and challenges of our age lie in the field of biology. This 12 hour course for SL or HL students is designed to ensure the best possible start to your Diploma. An experienced IB Biology teacher will lead you through: how the course works, the content and skills needed to excel on this challenging IB course and give get top tips on how to do practical work and gain top marks in the Internal Assessment.





IB Mathematics


We love maths! Yes. It's true. Maths is not just the building blocks of science it is a beautiful, fun and exciting subject all by itself.

Listen to what Alex Bellos says about the proof of pythagoras theorem: “The thrill of maths is the moment of instant revelation, from proofs such as this, when suddenly everything makes sense. It is immensely satisfying, an almost physical pleasure. The Indian mathematician Bhaskara was so taken by this proof that underneath a picture of it in his twelfth-century maths book Lilavati, he wrote no explanation, just the word ‘Behold!’ ”.


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Led by an experienced IB Maths teacher you will cover the key concepts you need to know to ensure mathematical success at Studies, Standard or Higher Level. Try your hand at activities that will prepare you for the challenging Internal Assessment and learn how to tackle new concepts and applications - the IB way.





IB Essentials


Want to know what the IB Diploma Programme is all about? How does the programme fit together? What essential skills are needed to make sure your Diploma starts with a bang? What is TOK, CAS and EE anyway? Is the Diploma really as hard as people say it is?

If you have some of these questions and more, then IB Essentials is for you.


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This course provides an overview of the IB and how to get the most out of the IB Diploma. By choosing IB Essentials you will be introduced to the IB Diploma Programme Core – Extended Essay, Theory of Knowledge, Creativity, Activity and Service, in addition to an overview of the IB’s requirements for Academic Honesty, independent research skills and inquiry based learning. We recommend this course highly for anyone who has not done the IB Middle Years Programme.





IB Expert


Already doing the MYP or have already chosen IB Essentials? Want to know how the DP is different and make that leap up to ensure your Diploma success? How should you approach the Extended Essay to maximise points in TOK and internal assessments?

Come join the IB Expert course and all will be revealed.


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This course focuses on advanced academic writing and research skills designed to maximise your IB Core points. IB Expert will provide you with the opportunity to practically apply the work done in IB Essentials. You will carry out academic research, and present your findings in an academic manner, which will assist you in researching and writing your Extended Essay. To develop your Theory of Knowledge skills you will work on designing effective Knowledge Questions and recognising suitable Real Life Situations, both of which you will need to be successful in your Theory of Knowledge essay and presentation.





Theory of Knowledge


What is a ‘knowledge claim’ or a ‘knowledge question’? How did you know what you know? How does your experience and background affect your ability to evaluate the world around you? How can two or more people have different opinions but also be right?

Warning: Taking this course will almost certainly make your brain hurt – in a good way!


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This class introduces the compulsory and fascinating IBDP subject of ToK which develops skills in: thinking critically about your own opinions, evaluating your social and cultural environment, understanding the nature of knowledge, discussing knowledge questions with classmates who may hold very different views - but always with tolerance and understanding!





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Students can take a Morning Option and an Afternoon Option in each week.

*Please note all students take Science Futures during the Afternoon session of Week 3


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Robot Inventors
Theory of Knowledge



IB Essentials
IB Expert

IB Expert
Robot Inventors
Theory of Knowledge

Science Futures



Example Timetables


for medics who have never done the MYP
Week 1 Week 2 Week 3
Maths Biology Chemistry
IB Essentials TOK Science Futures


for engineers who come from an MYP school
Week 1 Week 2 Week 3
Maths TOK Physics
IB Expert Robot Inventor Science Futures

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