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Cambridge, UK

With its breath-taking backdrop of soaring medieval architecture, meandering alleyways and lush riverside meadows, Cambridge is a beautiful city packed full of history and culture. Whether you prefer wandering through open markets and museums, or enjoying a bit of football or tennis in the summer sunshine, Cambridge has something for everyone.




St Catharine's College

St Catharine's, or "Catz" as the College is known, was founded in 1473, by Robert Woodlark. Originally a small college, it gradually acquired buildings around and was largely rebuilt in the 17th century, with work starting on the Main Court in 1673 and the Chapel being completed in 1704.  The grand entrance on Trumpington Street offers an impressive welcome to the colleges beautiful grounds.

An impressive alumni role call includes Jeremy Paxam (journalist), Sir Ian McKellen (actor), Tunku Abdul Rahman (Prime Minister of Malaysia) and Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed (President of India).






  • Every student has their own private single study bedroom – these are the rooms used by Cambridge University students in term time. Please note that there are no en suite rooms in St Catharine's College.
  • Let us know if you have friends attending the course so we can try to ensure you stay near each other.
  • Male and female students live separately, to ensure privacy.

Disability provision


  • We always take health conditions and physical disabilities into consideration and we are happy to assist in any way we can.
  • We may be able to organise rooms which are on the ground floor and near to your classrooms if required.
  • Please contact our team to discuss any questions you may have, or to let us know how we can help you.




All provided meals are served in the college dining hall:

  • Breakfast is served every day.
  • Lunch is served Monday - Friday. On Saturdays students will be given a packed lunch.
  • Dinner is served on Sundays only, including the day of arrival.

There is always a good selection of food available, and plenty of it.

On other nights dinner is not included, giving you the chance to explore Cambridge with other students and try out some of the local cafes and restaurants.



OSC enjoys a longstanding relationship with many Cambridge University Colleges and is in a fantastic position to make use of university resources. However, OSC is an independent company separate from the university. OSC contracts with the Colleges for the use of facilities, but has no formal connection or association with The University of Cambridge or its Colleges.