By the end of their first year, students understand the stimulating and challenging nature of the IB Diploma. They also know that the second year is crucial in securing the required grades to get into their dream college or university.

Our IB summer courses help students to avoid a 'summer dip' by using their time effectively. With highly experienced IB teachers, we consolidate a student's year one learning, close knowledge gaps, and introduce year two material.

Our 25 years' experience means that we understand the IBDP, its requirements and its pressures.




The courses not only showed me how much I know about certain topics but helped consolidate my knowledge and feel more confident about certain topics having revisited them.
Mid IB Student ∙ Cambridge




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We also offer our outstanding IB Art Course for both Pre and Mid IB students

Italy Art Course




I got to meet a lot of people from all over the world and make really great friendships that I know will last a long time. We had so much fun studying and learning together!
OSC Student