Programme and Dates






2-Week Course

Sunday 24th June - Friday 6th July

1-Week Course

Sunday 24th June - Friday 29th June


Sunday 1st July - Friday 6th July




Approach & Structure

This course is open to both Pre and Mid IBDP students who have a passion for art and are interested in making art in a new and exciting context. Led by experienced IB Art teacher, Heather McReynolds, students can attend the course for 1 or 2 weeks. During their studies, students will use a range of materials and techniques to create their art work. Students will explore the fundamental ideas of culture, context and investigation in art making through drawing, painting, fresco, assemblage, site specific installations and visual research. In the second week students will develop a personal project and curate their final exhibition. 




The Programme

  • Full working days of studio time where students will develop their Visual Journals and choose from a range of art making activities including drawing, painting, fresco, graffito, printmaking, sculpture and assemblage, and site specific installation. 
  • Culture - students will explore and interpret cultural context through direct engagement with art and visiting artists. Students will be introduced to the basic skills needed for the Comparative Study.
  • Field trips and site visits that will follow the thematic thread of the course, and will feed specifically into the students' studio time, allowing them to reflect and channel their inspiration into their work.
  • Fun activities including inspiration evenings, pizza making and a final exhibition and party.