We are delighted to support Heather McReynolds, from La Vigna Art Studios, in offering an inspiring and stimulating summer camp for pre and mid IBDP students interested in making art in a new and exciting context, and in developing their potential as artists. Using a range of materials and techniques, students will begin to explore the fundamental ideas of culture, context and the role of investigation in art-making that is the foundation of IB Art.
Who is it for?

Students about to start or mid way
through the IB Diploma Programme


25th June 2017 - 7th July 2017


La Vigna Art Studios, Tuscany, Italy


1 or 2 weeks


€2100 for 1 week (residential)

€3900 for 2 weeks (residential)






Join a Small Group of IB Art Students


Learn from an IB Art Expert


Enjoy your Summer in Tuscany




I gained a lot more confidence in my art from this course, and also found a new sense of individuality in my own style and expression.
IB Visual Arts Student





  • This course is appropriate for both Pre IB and Mid IB students.
  • OSC is delighted to be working with a highly-experienced IB Art teacher, Heather McReynolds, to offer students an inspiring, stimulating IB Art Summer Course in Italy.
  • Ideal for students about to start the IB Diploma or those who have completed one year of IB Art, and who have a passion for art and interested in making art in a new, exciting context – the perfect opportunity for budding artists to develop their potential.






Students can attend for a 1 or 2 week course that will allow students to use a range of materials and techniques including drawing, painting, fresco, assemblage, site specific installations and visual research to explore the fundamental ideas of culture, context and investigation in art making – the foundation of IB Diploma Art. In the second week students will develop a personal project and curate their final exhibition. 







Course Address: La Vigna Art Studios, Pisa, Italy