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We are delighted to support Heather McReynolds, from La Vigna Art Studios, in offering an inspiring and stimulating summer camp for pre and mid IBDP students interested in making art in a new and exciting context, and in developing their potential as artists. Using a range of materials and techniques, students will begin to explore the fundamental ideas of culture, context and the role of investigation in art-making that is the foundation of IB Art.

OSC Course Card
OSC Course Card

I gained a lot more confidence in my art from this course, and also found a new sense of individuality in my own style and expression.

OSC Course Card

Heather is one of the most helpful and considerate teachers I’ve ever had. She answered all of my questions and was supportive of my own choices and offered extra help and suggestions when I needed it.

OSC Course Card




The 2018 Art Summer School in Italy has now ended.

Information for our 2019 courses will be availble soon. If you would like to be notified of when this becomes available, please email osc@osc-ib.com or call +441865 512 802.





24th June - 6th July 2018



La Vigna Art Studios, Tuscany, Italy



€2,100 for 1 week (residential)
€3,900 for 2 weeks (residential)





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Enjoy your Summer in Tuscany



Course Address: La Vigna Art Studios, Pisa, Italy