Social Activities




At our MID IBDP Summer Course in Cambridge, our team of Course Deans organise an action-packed programme of excursions and social events every weekday evening. At weekends we also organise optional trips.




Weekend Trips

Sightseeing & Shopping in London

We are offering you the opportunity to visit London and enjoy the sights with a custom-made guided tour with our team; meaning you have your say when planning the route. We also know that you will need some downtime after a week of hard work. So, there will be plenty of chances to explore the wonderful shops and many cafés, experience the sights and sounds of London, and enjoy the beautiful and most culturally diverse city in the world.


Thorpe Park Resort

There’s no better way to relieve stress, socialise with your new buddies, and enjoy your weekend, than experiencing the adrenaline rush of a theme park!

Thorpe Park is one of the UK’s most popular attractions and offers over 30 rides of all sizes and excitement levels. Twist and turn through the ten almighty loops of Colossus, go from 0-80mph in under 2 seconds on Stealth, or risk getting soaked on Tidal Wave. Students can expect a day full of thrills and exhilaration.


Afternoon and Evening Activities

The list of potential activities is vast, but to give you some idea, they may well include:

  • Sports of all varieties and for all ability levels – including football, basketball, cricket, croquet, volleyball, table football, pool and many more
  • Cinema and theatre trips – including outdoor Shakespeare in Cambridge College gardens
  • Punting and bowling
  • Walking tours of Cambridge
  • Picnics and barbecues
  • Karaoke and talent nights

You will need some money to cover the costs of the activities you choose – we suggest about £10 per day.