Why not spend your summer in not one but two of the world's leading universities? Our IB Summer School in Boston offers the unique opportunity for students to live in Harvard University and study in MIT. For over 20 years this course has given IB students a valuable summer boost before their second year of the IBDP.




Who is it for?

For students entering their final year of the IB Diploma Programme


1st July 2018 - 20th July 2018 


Boston (based at Harvard and MIT campuses)


Up to 3 weeks


$2,450 per week (Residential)






98% say grades will improve

Unique IB University Fair

Full Social Programme




It was good that we had so many opportunities to pursue our questions on university applications, IB requirements and student life. Free time in the evening was good too!
OSC Student




  • Students attending an OSC Mid IB Summer School have a fantastic summer and a highly effective academic experience.
  • This investment in students' IBDP will be crucial in securing the required grades for students to get in to their dream college or university. On all our summer programmes students can get advice on their university choices from our college counsellors and attend our college fairs, which attract many of the top universities in the UK and US respectively.
  • On our Mid IBDP Summer Course students live at Harvard University and have their OSC classes based at the MIT university campus in Boston, USA. Being based at two of the world's top universities gives you the chance to sample the way of life enjoyed by students at these prestigious institutions. The programme is prepared using the combined expertise of our Academic Team, all of whom are highly experienced IB teachers.








  • Expert teaching in small classes.
  • Review of first year syllabus, focusing on particular problem areas identified by you and others in your group.
  • Introduction to aspects of the second year’s work. Exam techniques and tips on how to get the best grades in your assignments.








  • Morning teaching in your chosen subject(s) – 1 week per subject
  • Students can attend for up to three weeks
  • Various optional afternoon programmes
  • University fairs and advice
  • Daily homework and class reports for parents
  • Fantastic evening and weekend social programme






How to create your Mid IB programme

The OSC Mid IBDP Summer Courses are made up of four elements: your main weekly subject, plus any or all of three optional extras.

  1. Use the subject table to select the subjects you want to review and which dates you want to attend. Remember: each IBDP subject lasts one week, so you can take up to three subjects over the three weeks of the course
  2. Choose from a range of optional afternoon programmes.
  3. Choose any optional extra one-to-one advice sessions
  4. Sign-up to any of the organised weekend and evening trips




Join a global community

The courses are fun and interactive, and we also run daily evening activities – there are lots of opportunities for making friends both in class and out.

Year after year our students tell us that the highlight of their time on the courses was the variety of people they met from all over the world.

Developing an internationally-minded outlook is an important part of the IBDP philosophy – so you'll be putting this into action by making friends on our courses!

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Our classes are taught by experienced IBDP teachers from international schools across the world who are experts in the standards required for successful work on the IB Diploma – many are also IBDP examiners.



Our US Mid IB Summer Courses are held in Harvard and MIT, Boston, USA. The Harvard residences are in a safe, fun part of the city, and MIT is a short distance away next to the Charles River. Both are very close to all the amenities and attractions of this wonderful city.


Pastoral Care

A dedicated team of Deans look after all your non-academic needs and provide exciting and varied activities in the evenings, as well as 24 hour pastoral care.



Course Address: Perkins Hall, 35 Oxford St, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 02138