Afternoon Options





We offer a choice of afternoon programmes which run each week and allow you to explore an area of interest in more detail over several days. In addition you will be given the opportunity to join in with other activities, for example attend the College Fair or visit the famous Quincy Market.




College Preparation Course


If you are thinking of going to university in the US then this afternoon course is the one for you. It offers a range of topics that will lead to success in the application process.  Each week features a visit to a different Boston university where you can tour the campus and ask questions of admissions counsellors.  This course is in two parts – you can take either part 1 or part 2 or both depending on your needs

  • College Prep Part I runs in week 1 and is repeated in week 3 – this covers the basics of the application process and how you can use your IB knowledge and skills to your advantage. It also looks at what it’s like to be a student in the US and the practicalities of finance, visas etc

                       Week 1: you will visit Boston College

                       Week 3: you will visit Bentley University

  • College Prep Part II runs in week 2 and covers further details of the application process – the college essay, ACTs and SATs and careers counselling.

                       Week 2: you will visit Babson College

  • Friday College visits programme students attending any of our College Preparation Programmes may add one of our Friday afternoon visits at no extra cost.

                        Friday 6th July: Tufts University

                        Friday 13th July: Boston University

Please note that all our college visits are subject to change – we will notify you in advance if that happens.

College Visits Programme

We are offering all students the opportunity to visit two Boston colleges. The visit will include an admissions session and a campus tour, and you will be accompanied by our experienced College Counsellor. Transport to and from the college by private bus is included.

Friday 6th July: Tufts University

Friday 13th July: Boston University

If you attend our College Preparation Course you will be able to visit other colleges included in that programme.

Please note that all our college visits are subject to change – we will notify you in advance should a change happen.

Explore Boston


Let us help you get to know Boston better with our themed packages of trips and visits and discover some of the fun and exciting destinations in this town.

  • Historic Boston – One of the earliest European settlements in the US, Boston has always had huge historical significance. It played an active role in the American Revolution in the 1770s, became a haven for Irish Catholics in the mid C19th following the Potato Famine and became second only to Silicon Valley as a technology hub in the 1970s. Led by History experts, we visit museums, follow trails and ride on the excellent Duck Tour to learn all about this fascinating city.
  • Scientific Boston - With MIT and Harvard, Boston is arguably the best place on the planet to learn about Science and Engineering. Using interactive activities, local resources, museums, and with access to real research laboratories, we can show you just what can be achieved with the right people, tools and environment. Maybe it will help you to choose your own future career path. 


Sports Camp


You can choose from either Basketball or Football.

Work on your skills under the guidance of our qualified coach. Each week will focus on a different set of skills, drills and tactics, culminating in a friendly competition. This option is open to players of all abilities and runs in weeks 1 & 2. Students can take 1 or 2 weeks.


The Arts


Use your afternoons in Boston to explore your creative side with our creative writing options.

  • Thrill Me – taking your reader on a journey – What are the ingredients of a good story? How can you make your characters jump out from the page? How can you captivate your reader from the start? Explore different creative genres from fiction, nonfiction, drama or poetry. Maybe you’re the next J. K. Rowling…


Leadership Skills


Explore some of the key skills you need to inform, influence and persuade – critical if you want to be seen as a leader in the future. There is something different each week – you can choose which you want to take or take all three if you like.

  • Convince Me – the art of persuasive writing – how to use your writing skills to convince people of your point of view, present an argument, or sell an idea. This form of writing is widely used in journalism, advertising, pitching, speech writing, project proposals, and presentations.
  • Speak Up - presentation skills– this is a practical course that will set you on the road to giving knock out presentations and speeches. It will cover;
    • The dos and don’ts of presenting and public speaking
    • How to engage your audience
    • Tips and tricks that will help you feel and look more confident,
    • The best way to get your message across
  • The Great Debate – debating is used in the decision making processes of all kinds of institutions from politics to business. In this course you will learn about competitive debating. It’s a fun way to improve your public speaking and learn how to argue for or against an idea.


One-to-One Sessions


You can choose to have a Personal Careers Consultation or some Subject Advice* in one of your IBDP subjects – or both. Check out the One-to-One page for more information.

* Please note that we can normally only offer Subject Advice in subjects that we offer as Mid-IB morning classes in each week. If you would like advice in another subject please contact us first to discuss this with the team. 





  Week 1 Week 2 Week 3
College Preparation
College Prep I College Prep II College Prep I
College Visits
Tufts University Boston University  
Explore Boston Scientific Boston Historic Boston Scientific Boston
Sports Camp Football Camp Football Camp  
Basketball Camp Basketball Camp  
The Arts   Creative Writing Creative Writing
Leadership Skills Convince Me Convince Me  
  Speak Up Speak Up
The Great Debate   The Great Debate