How to succeed in a changing world! LIGC is an exciting and empowering Oxford Summer School for 15-18-year-olds interested in the opportunities presented by today's biggest global challenges.

Created by communication and education experts with the Environmental Change Institute (ECI) in the School of Geography and Environment at the University of Oxford, this Summer School is based on the understanding that all future careers are going to be affected by these global issues. Whether you want to become a doctor, a lawyer, a business person or a teacher, for those with the right knowledge and skills, global changes are bringing challenging new opportunities.






  • One- and two-week residential courses for 15-18-year-olds at the Environmental Change Institute at Oxford University.

  • Classes, discussions and debates about the big issues of the day such as climate change, plastic pollution, and food security.

  • Meetings with Oxford University academics at the ECI to ask them about their work.

  • Visits to businesses and social projects which are implementing innovative problem solving.

  • Workshops with professional communication experts to develop your communication skills.

  • Encouragement to ask questions and think critically, and express your own opinions

  • Opportunities to explore your own career thoughts and personal development options.

  • A wonderful international community - previous years’ students are still in touch with each other!

  • One of the most serene, ancient, beautiful and inspiring cities in the world.

  • Accommodation, meals and pastoral care provided at St Antony’s College Oxford.






2-week Course:
30 June - 13 July 2019 (13 nights)


1-week Courses:

7 - 13 July 2019 (6 nights)
21 - 27 July 2019 (6 nights)
28 July - 3 August 2019 (6 nights)


Arrive by 5pm on Sunday for registration, welcome dinner and activities.

We finish by 6pm on your final Friday, but Friday night and a farewell dinner is included in your fee so you are welcome to stay until Saturday morning.






Residential: £1,500 per week

  • All the day time classes, workshops and activities

  • Accommodation in a single study bedroom and 24hr high quality “parenting” care

  • Two or more organised evening activities per week (e.g. punting, theatre) plus informal group activities

  • Sunday and Friday evening dinners at St Antony's College

  • Full cooked breakfast daily

  • 5 other meals each week (lunch or dinner depending on the schedule)


Non-Residential: £900 per week

As above, without accommodation


Hardship Fund

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we have a few full or partial hardship bursaries available. Please email for details.




OSC are the management partners for the Leadership in Global Change summer school. Contact OSC for more information. | +44 1865 512802




Whether in business, politics, education, academia, food production, healthcare or elsewhere, future leaders face a rapidly changing and complex world. The ‘Leadership in Global Change’ summer school provides an unbeatable opportunity to gain a new understanding of the critical issues that face all of us. The ECI opens its doors for the first time to a younger generation. Partnering with professional school educators and the ECI academics, the LIGC team have designed an entirely new course which will enable the ECI’s academic experts to engage, excite and empower the young people whose future decisions will shape the world.

- Professor Jim Hall, Director of the Environmental Change Institute - University of Oxford, Professor of Climate & Environmental Risks (School of Geography and the Environment), Senior Research Fellow (Department of Engineering Science), Fellow (Linacre College)









The aim of this initiative is to enable students who will eventually have influential positions in business or the public sector to be confident and articulate about globally important issues. It will teach them how to engage effectively with the world’s experts to develop solutions.

This experience will support university applications for a huge range of subjects from business and politics to science and engineering.

Students will spend their days engaged in researching and debating, and their evenings being Oxford students. We hope to inspire them to aim high in their academic and professional careers.





This is a unique opportunity. In an increasingly competitive and global environment it is essential for ambitious students to take advantage of every opportunity they can for personal development and personal resume building. Students will develop transferable skills and knowledge which not only sounds great on paper but is a real experience that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.





Oxford is a unique and glorious place. Small enough to be manageable and safe, packed full with young people from all over the world, it is the perfect setting for an inspiring summer experience.

LIGC students live in St Antony's College, and have the unusual privilege of learning in the Environmental Change Institute, part of the School of Geography in the University of Oxford, where they will interact with busy academics. Learning will be active and stimulating, and balanced with a fun packed evening programme. 

Students will be looked after by our student care professionals, Oxford Study Courses, a world leading provider of summer schools for school age students, to ensure that every student has a very personal, caring and supportive week.





Founded in 1950, St Antony's is one of Oxford's seven graduate colleges. It's members are those studying for Masters or DPhil degrees at Oxford University, as well as research and teaching staff of the University. The site combines award-winning avant guarde modern buildings, with beautiful North Oxford Victorian architecture.

It is a small site, just 10 minutes walk from the centre of Oxford, and is a safe, calm, welcoming environment for visiting students. Students have their own private bedroom, and a shared bathroom close by. En-suite rooms are available too. There are kitchens to use if not eating in Hall or elsewhere, a laundry, and plenty of places to hang out with friends. The gardens are lovely. You can play badminton on the grass, or just sit under the trees and chat.





Student are provided with breakfast and lunch every day, dinner on Sunday when they arrive, and we go out for pizza together on the Monday evening in a lovely local pizzeria. On other evenings students are free to explore Oxford - there are many lovely places to eat.

  • A lovely cooked and cold breakfast is available every day in the St Antony's Dining Hall
  • Lunch is provided at the Biochemistry Department next to the Environmental Change Institute
  • Dinner is provided in Hall on Sundays and Fridays

During the day we make our own drinks at the ECI, and have snacks to keep us going between meals!