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Mathematics - analysis & approaches (Category 2) 

Mathematics - applications & interpretations (Category 2)

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IBSCA is the International Baccalaureate Schools and Colleges Association of the UK and Ireland.


  • IBSCA has an agreement with IBAEM authorising it to run IB Teachers' Workshops for 2018 for PYP, MYP, CP and DP. IBSCA is the provider of the IB Teacher Workshops; Oxford Study Courses (OSC) manages the Workshops on behalf of IBSCA.
  • Oxford Study Courses specialises solely in the International Baccalaureate (IB). They publish IB Study and Revision Guides – written by the teachers who teach on our IB Revision Courses.


OSC supports IBSCA in all its work with distinction. The skillful, professional and cheerful approach of its staff is as impressive as they are effective.
Robert Tibbott, Chief Executive





IB Authorised and Approved


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Renowned IB Workshop Leaders





IBSCA works throughout the UK and Ireland to:

  1. Support IB world schools

  2. Advise candidate schools on authorisation matters

  3. Liaise with Higher Education on IB




What you can expect from IBSCA Teachers' Workshops:

  • Emphasis on putting the programme into practice
  • Relating subject matter as fully as possible to the IB Mission Statement
  • Held at Warwick University a prestigious conference centre
  • Courses delivered by approved and experienced IB workshop leaders
  • Opportunities to mix with participants from a range of schools, both within the UK and from elsewhere
  • Accommodation available within the university - if required
  • Competitively priced - with a discount to IBSCA members
  • Secure online booking and payment options via website
  • Held over weekends - minimising the need to cover for absent teachers

Unless indicated otherwise, all teachers' workshops listed on these pages have been developed by IBSCA in cooperation with the International Baccalaureate.




Best IB course I have been on - I really feel prepared by it. Focuses on practical strategies in lessons rather than just theoretical stuff.
IBSCA Participant