History SL & HL Paper 2 Authoritarian States: Italy 1914-1945
Edition: 1
Number of pages: 82
ISBN: 9781910689370OSC Publishing

This revision guide supports your exam preparation for IBDP History Paper 2, Topic 10: Authoritarian States, using Mussolini’s Italy (1914–1945) as a discrete example. Structured to mirror the syllabus, it uses key questions to explore the issues that are most important to historians and examiners.

Coverage includes:

  • The path from unification to authoritarianism
  • ‘Liberal Italy’, ‘trasformismo’, and the ‘mutilated victory’ of WWI
  • Mussolini’s shift from Left to Right and the rise of the Fascist movement
  • Maintenance of power, from violent oppression to media control
  • The aims and results of foreign, social, and economic policies


  • Sample essay questions, with guidance on potential approaches
  • ‘Key Perspectives’ boxes to highlight differing historical interpretations of core issues
  • Definitions of key technical and historical terms
  • Timelines to help visualise and contextualise important events


Joe Gauci read Modern History at Lincoln College, Oxford and has taught History since 1984. He has taught IB History at Malvern College, UK, since 1995, where he oversees its academic life as Deputy Head. He has experience as an examiner and has been teaching revision to students from around the globe since 1996.