Oxford Accommodation and Catering




  • Oxford University is the oldest in Britain and one of the most prestigious in the world. The city of Oxford is full of wonderful buildings, fantastic museums, shops and markets, leafy parks, and great places to eat. Although your work schedule will be rigorous, you will still have some time to explore in the evenings.
  • The colleges provide a tranquil and stimulating environment in which to live and study – it is a real privilege to spend time in them and enjoy a taste of Oxford student life.






Oriel College is the 5th oldest college in Oxford, founded in 1326 by King Edward II, though the first undergraduates did not arrive until the early 1500s. In the first part of the 17th century, some of the medieval buildings were replaced by the elegant Front Quadrangle. 

The centre of the main courtyard used to be one of Henry VIII tennis courts, with some parts of the original walls still visible on the outside. You may even have a class in the Harris Lecture theatre, which is where he would have been playing!






Founded in 1517, Corpus Christi is Oxford’s 12th oldest college. The college's historical significance includes its role in the translation of the King James Bible

In the centre of the Front Quad is a pelican sundial, which can calculate time by the sun and the moon, though since it's set to Oxford Time it's always 5 minutes off.

Bishop Richard Fox went blind before the building of the college was completed. Supposedly, students walked him around the small front quad two or three times to make it seem bigger than it actually was.





Exeter College is the 4th oldest of Oxford University's constituent colleges and was founded by the Bishop of Exeter in 1314 as a school to educate clergymen. Still located on the medieval college’s original site, Exeter is understandably proud of its beautiful historic buildings, especially it’s chapel and Palmer’s Tower (built in 1432).

J.R.R Tolkien, Richard Burton and Philip Pullman can be counted amongst Exeter’s distinguished alumni. The college itself provided inspiration to Pullman as the model for Jordan College in his novel trilogy, His Dark Materials.

From Exeter’s Fellows’ garden there are views of some of Oxford’s most iconic landmarks, the Radcliffe Camera and the Bridge of Sighs. The college’s central location means you will have the opportunity to explore the historic heart of the city, when you’re not in class of course!






  • You will have your own private, single bedroom, which is used by an Oxford student during term time. There is a student common room in each college where you can meet with friends to study, chat or watch TV. Laundry facilities and free internet access are also available. Male and female students live in separate buildings or separate areas.
  • If you are attending with a friend do let us know and we will try to put you in the same college. For large groups of friends we may need to split you up so let us know who is your best friend, and make sure they give us your name too. We may be able to room friends of the same gender in the same room if you wish, although this depends on room availability.
  • En-suite rooms (with private bathroom) are available. You can select this option on your application form – book early to avoid disappointment!

Disability provision

  • If you have any special requirements due to health or mobility issues, let us know and we will help. We can organise ground floor rooms, help with getting around, medical support, etc.
  • Please contact our team to discuss any questions you may have, or to let us know how we can help you.


  • Breakfast and lunch are provided every day in the college dining hall – think Hogwarts and you won't be far wrong!
  • There is always a good selection of food available, and plenty of it.
  • On the first night of each 2.5 day course you will also have an evening meal in college, i.e. every second or third day.
  • On other nights dinner is not included, giving you the chance to explore Oxford with other students, and try out some of the local cafes and restaurants. Ask the Deans for advice on where to go!




OSC enjoys a longstanding relationship with many Oxford University Colleges. However, OSC is an independent company separate from the University. OSC contracts with the Colleges for the use of facilities, but has no formal connection with the University of Oxford.