Course Schedule


You can take up to 5 consecutive courses, starting or ending at any point in the schedule – you can also take one or more courses, have a break, and come back for a later course. For example, the timetable is designed so you could choose to do Maths SL in Course 1 and go straight on to Biology HL in Course 2.

There is no overlap in teaching between each course.



  • You only register once when you first arrive. After your first course, you go straight onto your next subject without having to register again.
  • Please ensure you arrive in time to register before your first course. The registration times are listed below.
  • If you require an extra night at the start of your revision course, please let us know – there is an additional charge per extra night (please see fees page).


  • Make sure you book your departing flight late enough so that you do not miss any part of your last day – with the limited amount of time for each subject, it is very important students attend every session.
  • If you require an extra night at the end of your revision course please let us know – there is an additional charge per extra night (please see fees page).




April6 - 88 - 1111 - 1313 - 1616 - 18
Registration10:00 - 13:00  14:00 - 18:00  10:00 - 13:00  14:00 - 18:00  10:00 - 13:00  
Finish time18:0013:0018:0013:0018:00
Biology HLBio HL
Biology SLBio SL
Business Management HLBus HL
Business Management SLBus SL
Chemistry HLChem HLPlease enquire. Sat 6th - Mon 8th Apr: Chemistry HLFULLFULLFULL
Chemistry SLChem SLFULLPlease enquire. Sat 13th - Tue 16th Apr: Chemistry SL
Computer Science HL/SLComp Sci HL/SL
Economics HLEcon HL
Economics SLEcon SL
English A: Language & Literature HLEng A LL HL
English A: Language & Literature SLEng A LL SLFULL
English A: Literature HLEng A Lit HL
English A: Literature SLEng A Lit SL
English B HL/SLEng B HL/SL
Environmental Systems & Societies SLESS SLFULL
French B HLFre B HL
French B SLFre B SL
Geography HLGeog HL
Geography SLGeog SL
German A: Literature HL/SLGerm A Lit HL/SL
History HL/SLHist HL/SL
History SLHist SL
Mathematical Studies SLMath StudFULLFULLPlease enquire. Sat 13th - Tue 16th Apr: Mathematical Studies SLPlease enquire. Tue 16th - Thu 18th Apr: Mathematical Studies SL
Mathematics HLMaths HL
Mathematics HL Option: CalculusMath Opt Calc
Mathematics SLMaths SL
Philosophy HL/SLPhil HL/SL
Physics HLPhys HL
Physics SLPhys SL
Psychology HLPsyc HL
Psychology SLPsyc SL
Spanish B HL/SLSpan B HL/SL
Sports, Exercise & Health Science SLSEHS SL


If there is a subject that you would like study and it is full, please see below for options in our other locations:


Please note:

  • In order to keep class sizes as small as possible and ensure you are in the best class for your academic needs, we may change the order in which you take your subjects.
  • If there is a subject that isn't available that you would like to review, please contact us.
  • We have an event in London that starts on the 31st March and would allow you to travel to Oxford Course 1 without missing any teaching, and another also in London that commences on the 17th April, immediately after Oxford Course 4. And with courses in Dubai, Brussels and Munich, we can help you revise from the middle of March to the end of April. Please look at our revision pages or contact us for further information.