Travel and Visas




We have put together some helpful information about travelling to your OSC Course. Before booking flights, trains, buses etc, check your arrival and departure times on our Course Schedule page. All prices given below are subject to change – see providers' websites for the latest rates.

We recommend that all students coming from outside Australia take advice from the Australian Embassy in their country on whether a visa is required to enter Australia.

If you do need a visa, you should complete the relevant visitor visa application form according to embassy advice – more information is available on the Australian embassy website.


Important Visa information


We are happy to provide a letter in support of your visa application – however, prior to us providing such a letter, your total course fees must be paid in full. Please contact us if you require a letter in support of your visa application.

Please note that many embassies take a long time to process a visa application – it is best to contact them as soon as possible to find out about the procedures and make your application.

If a visa is refused we will refund the full fees minus a handling charge of $100, provided that the visa application was made at least 1 month prior to the start of the whole course. Proof of application date and refusal is required before fees are refunded – please see our Cancellation Policy.

Please note: not having received a response from the visa authority does not qualify the Student or Parent for a refund.




Consent to Travel Letters

It is recommended that students who are under 18 and are flying without parental supervision carry a letter from their parent/guardian giving consent for them to travel alone. More and more airlines are asking to see these letters at check in. The letter should include:

  • your dates of travel and return 

  • where you will be travelling to 

  • where you will be staying  

  • parental consent to travel alone.



Travelling to Robert Menzies College (RMC) at the Macquarie University

Address: 136 Herring Road, North Ryde, NSW 2113

To RMC from the airport

The airport is relatively close to RMC – about 30 minutes' drive. According to RMC, there is a pre-paid bus service (route 400) which leaves from Terminal 3 at the Domestic airport and Terminal 1 (International Airport). This bus trip takes about 40 minutes to reach Macquarie University Station.  The College is only a few minutes’ walk after you get off the bus at Stand B (as described below).  

You may also get to RMC by train, with the trip taking about 1 hour from Sydney Domestic Airport Station. Take the train from either international terminal or domestic terminal to Central Station and select the train to Macquarie University via Chatswood (Northern Line 1). When you arrive at Macquarie University Station, take the elevator to street level. Cross the intersection with the traffic lights to the corner which has the tall red sign with ‘Macquarie University’ on it. This is the corner where RMC is situated. The train line is currently undergoing major renovations but these are expected to be completed before the 2019 courses commence. Once completed the high speed Sydney Metro Northwest train will travel the journey at very frequent intervals.

Another alternative is to take the airport shuttle bus from either the international or domestic terminal to Central Station. You then select the train to Macquarie University and follow the same directions as outlined above. The quickest but most expensive way to RMC is to take a taxi: the approximate cost is A$70-$80, depending on the time of day and traffic conditions.  way to get to the College is by taxi which costs about AU$50.   For further information about travelling from the airport to the College check out the State Transit website at

To RMC from the city centre

The simplest way to reach RMC from the city is by train from Central Station, as described above. 



Travelling to Queen's College at the University of Melbourne

Address: 1–17 College Crescent, Parkville, VIC 3052

To Queen's College from the airport

The easiest and most direct way to get to the College is by taxi. The 25-30 minute trip should cost around AU$50. However, public transport is also available. Interstate and overseas students arriving by air will find it easy to transfer from the airport to the city centre by the Skybus.  Buses leave from outside the main arrival hall every 10 to 15 minutes and cost around $16 one-way or $26 return (2 trips).

The city terminus for Skybus is Southern Cross Station.  From here you can catch a taxi to Queen’s College (around AU$10 and 10 minutes) or catch a train to Flinders Street Station (the next stop from Southern Cross) and then trams 3, 3a, 5 or 6 to the University of Melbourne terminal.  This tram trip will take about 15 minutes and will only cost about AU$3.00.

From the Melbourne University terminal (Faraday Street) walk along Swanson Street for about 200 metres to the College (opposite Melbourne Cemetery).

To Queen's College from the city centre

Catch tram 3, 3a, 5 or 6 from Flinders Street Station (Federation Square) which travels along Swanson Street to the University of Melbourne terminal at Faraday Street.  Walk along Swanson Street from the Faraday Street terminal for about 200 metres to Queen’s College – opposite Melbourne Cemetery.

Queen's College Map





Travelling to Walford School in Adelaide

Address: 316 Unley Rd, Hyde Park, SA 5061

From Adelaide airport

The easiest and most direct way to get to the College is by taxi. The 20 minute trip should cost around AU$20 - 25.

An airport shuttle is available to take passengers into the centre of the city. From here you can catch a taxi to Walford School (around AU$15 and 10 minutes) or catch a bus to Unley Road (bus stop 7). This bus trip will take about 15 minutes. The overall cost of taking both bus trips is only marginally cheaper than taking a taxi directly from the airport to Walford School.

From Adelaide city centre

From stop G2 on the South East side of Victoria Square the best bus to catch is the 190B which travels from Victoria Square along Wakefield Street, then right into Pulteney Street, and through the parklands to Unley Road. Get off at bus stop 7 and cross the road using the pedestrian crossing opposite Walford School.

The course registration is located in the centre of the Walford campus at the Main Hall and signs will be on display to mark the directions. Residential students, after Registration, will need to make their way to the Boarding House located on the southern edge of the campus.

Walford School Map