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Some schools have a clear idea of what they would like to arrange before they speak to us. Others are still working out what is possible. They welcome the opportunity to talk to a specialist IB course provider to understand what is available.





At OSC the one thing our 30 years of experience tells us about IB schools is that they are all unique.

Nothing highlights this more than when we work with them to support school trips through our group bookings programme. We offer a bespoke service, taking the time to understand the school’s priorities and timelines, to ensure that whatever we offer will be the ideal fit for their needs and the needs of their students. 




When we think about the schools we have worked with over the past few years, we do notice several common themes.

  1. The main motivation is often that they want their students to be as well prepared for their IB studies as possible, whether students are beginning the IBDP or entering their second year.
  2. They value cultural exchange and the opportunity for students to spend time abroad.
  3. They know their students will benefit from spending time with other IB students from around the world, either as a cultural learning activity or to build confidence in their English language skills (or both).
  4. They see the opportunity for a school chaperone to network with other IB teachers and professionals as a professional development opportunity.




Our students derived enormous benefits from the courses which have not only provided an academic boost but also encouraged their aspirations to succeed at the highest possible level.
Alan Henderson, Trustee of the Anglo-Omani Society




All schools demand that anyone they partner with have the same high standards they do.

With our decades of IB experience, we can provide evidence of the quality of our programmes and our successful partnerships with IB schools across the world. That partnership extends to providing presentation material for the school to provide to parents on our programmes and, when asked, presenting directly to parents or running Q&A sessions.




Sample Group Package for an OSC IBDP Summer School

[dependent on group size]


An Account Manager

Discount on course fees

Complimentary chaperone space


Free airport transfer



Chaperones have access to:


Prestigious university locations


Networking opportunities


Cultural sight-seeing



OSC IBDP experts





When schools do decide to partner with us for their school trip, they tell us the most important factors for them were that they knew OSC would:

  • Ensure the safety of students on course – by attending together and having the support of their school community.
  • Provide access to high-quality IB instruction, which complements the work being undertaken at the school.
  • Deliver an outstanding experience in prestigious university locations.
  • Ensure all their needs are catered for, including airport transfers, discounted rates, accompanying chaperone.
  • Provide the opportunity to use course attendance as a launching pad for further travel within the country and cultural opportunities for students.





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