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Enjoy a fast paced week of personal insight and self-development with training from personal development experts. 12-18 July 2020

Students start the week exploring their “North Star” (life goals) and build a personal plan to achieve this. They then take part in hands-on interactive workshops led by training and development professionals. These sessions cover Personal Impact, Presentation Skills, Self Confidence and Team Building in a fun, creative and inspiring way. The week ends with the cohort working together to achieve success in a new area. The energy, friendship and teamwork by the end of the week is amazing. Watch the video to find out more.




  • Personal development workshops on Personal Impact, Presentation skills, Self Confidence and Team Building
  • Daily plenary and self-reflection sessions to support students’ personal development plans
  • Trip to the world famous Oxford Union and Debating Chambers
  • Evening activities e.g. theatre and cinema trips, river trips, ice-skating, sports, scavenger hunt
  • Single room accommodation in college
  • Breakfast and lunch in college. A variety of dining options per evening
  • 24/7 on-course support staff


  • Personal Careers Consultation
  • En-suite room upgrades available

What our students from OSC Discovery 2019 say:

"Most wonderful summer courses experience that I’ve ever had."
"Literally one of the most incredibly rewarding opportunities."
"INCREDIBLE! Truly a great experience."
"It was an amazing experience that I am glad that I went on. I learnt so many new skills and lessons in the workshops that I hope will stay with me for life."
"An awesome experience, that cannot be described but needs to be felt in your own skin."
"Engaging, amazing, social, educational – helped realize and shape skills I need in life."
"Amazing, fun, interesting, informative. It was a great experience and I would gladly encourage anyone to do Discovery Week."



Fees per course:

  • £1,890 per 1-week course
  • £250 deposit to secure a place


  • £20 per night ensuite upgrade
  • £100 per extra night at either end of your stay
  • £210 Personal Careers Consultation

You have 14 days to cancel a booking and receive a refund, full policy available here.



Buses are available from all London Airports, with journey times ranging from 90 mins (Heathrow) to 3–4 hours (Stansted).

Trains run from all major airports and cities to Oxford City Centre train station. For further information visit www.nationalrail.co.uk.

Taxis are available from all airports and railways.

We recommend that all students take advice from the British Embassy or Consulate in their country on whether a visa is required to enter the UK. Visa support letters can be provided if required.


We advise departing flights are booked late enough to allow full attendance on the last day. To help manage return journeys, extra nights in college accommodation can be booked.


Address: St Antony’s College, Oxford, OX2 6JF, England, UK

St Antony's College is a safe and secure enclosed campus with a very relaxed atmosphere. It provides a tranquil and stimulating environment in which to live and study as an Oxford student. Students will have their own private, single bedroom.


OSC implements a comprehensive Safeguarding Policy and all staff are fully trained in Student Welfare, with first-aiders at every venue.

Experienced staff are on duty 24 hours a day at every residential location. Their role is the smooth running of the course and to look after all of the students' needs.


If you have any special requirements due to health or mobility issues, let us know and we will help. We can organise ground floor rooms, help with getting around, medical support, etc.