This Easter we once again ran our hugely popular IB Revision courses, helping the class of 2017 towards exam success. Our revision courses have grown out of all recognition since the first one in 1990, with students from around the world joining us this year for courses in OxfordBrusselsMunichRome and Dubai.

An important part of our work at OSC is ensuring that the families that come to us find the experience as valuable and enjoyable as possible. So, at the end of courses we ask for feedback from both students and parents, to check we have done everything we could to make this an outstanding experience, and to find out if students feel ready to take their IB Diploma exam.

The feedback results for Spring 2017 show that:

  • 98% of students have increased confidence after attending
  • 99% of students feel the course will improve their grades
  • 99% of students said they would recommend OSC to another IB student

The IB families that come to OSC are more than statistics to us – just as important is the feedback we receive, so we thought we’d share some comments below.


Student quotes:

“The extreme skill in teachers’ knowledge about the subject is reflected in the student’s magical understanding of the content. I feel so much more motivated and confident.”

“It’s great, it is the best. Having IB examiners as IB teachers is an opportunity you should not miss.”

OSC is the best revision course out there! With all the questions answered, with all the exam tips possible, and with teachers who motivate you for your best capability. Everyone is always smiling, it was the best experience, ever!”

“I was surprised by how much I didn’t know, but OSC fixed that.”

“Very worthwhile, I think it will benefit my grades massively. I regret not doing more courses.”

“You will not pass without OSC. They will tell what you don’t know.”

“OSC staff are amazing. The teachers are examiners that go over the syllabus, explaining everything, engaging you and giving tips and tricks. So helpful! Money well spent.”

Parent quotes:

“I found OSC Courses of great benefit to my son, and I am sending my daughter this summer to the Pre-IB course. Thank you for your effort in putting together all the material and expertise, and making it available to our children.”

“My daughter now feels more prepared for her exams and says it was good to have actual examiners give her extra tips and tricks. The courses seemed to be very intense but I think it could push my daughter’s grades up by one or two points. I would recommend this course to other parents as I think it was worth the money and a good experience.”

“I am a true believer in OSC’s sound teaching and academic competence, and it is for this very reason that I sent both my sons to the revision courses. As for the end result and performance I can say it does have a positive impact as the students learn to study, revise and be coached with different strategic focus to that at their normal schooling place.”

“My daughter followed the IB history revision course and the IB Math studies. Her confidence has soared and the contact with her respective lecturers has opened her eyes to a level of teaching that she thought wasn’t possible. These courses were a last-minute decision that have been motivating and confidence boosting!”