Part of OSC’s mission is “to generate profits which are used for philanthropic educational projects” and our latest project has been supporting the first IB world school in the Republic of Cameroon.

Enko Education School in Yaoundé was authorised by the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) last year to offer the IB Diploma Programme. We were delighted to be able to support this inspiring project which will establish one of the most affordable IB schools in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Last month OSC’s Academic Development Manager, Layla Moran accompanied Helen Waywell from Headington School, Oxford on a trip to Enko Education School to train maths and science and economics teachers. In addition, the school was given free use of Smartbacc, providing an invaluable resource for the future.

We had an amazing experience. This is a brand new school without much money trying to spread the IB in a community that wouldn't normally be able to afford it. We were honoured to be able to go and help these dedicated teachers and students.
Layla Moran

The trip was a great success, with Layla and Helen making firms friends with the staff and teachers, while having the opportunity to try some local delicacies such as caterpillar and porcupine.

There is no doubt that the time spent by Layla and Helen and the resources you put at our disposal have made me more enthusiastic about my commitment as an IBDP History teacher and Admissions Advisor. I really look forward to doing my utmost best to better impact the present and future needs of my students as a result of this encounter. I strongly feel I am now fit to join the assoication of IBDP teachers reputed for producing 6s and 7s and making the dream of Enko students, to study in the best universities of the world, come true.
Mendi Georges ∙ History Teacher/UAC