Each year OSC offers a number of scholarships for the Exam Revision Courses in Oxford. Britten Holter was awarded a Chemistry scholarship this year – below is an account of her time in Oxford.

Why did you apply for the scholarship?

I was getting more and more nervous about the approaching Chemistry exam as I felt I was going to fail the exams. Preparing with past papers was not going well and I did not know what to do in order to improve my grade. I was thrilled after I was informed of receiving a scholarship for the Chemistry SL OSC revision course.


How did you find the course?

At the OSC course I had an amazing teacher who gave us revision packets for each topic that we needed the most help on. The revision packets included only the information that we needed to know and it was explained extremely clearly. Going through all the revision packets before the exams was very helpful and on Paper 1 there was a question on exactly one of the things that I had learnt from the packet.


Did you feel more confident going into your exam?

The course gave me a boost to start studying more of the Chemistry syllabus. I understood where my weaknesses lied and started to enjoy Chemistry as I saw how logical it all was. I think this course definitely improved my final IB Chemistry grade.


We received a message from Britten after results day:

I wanted to thank you for the OSC Chemistry scholarship as it really gave me the push that I needed and helped me to achieve a score of a strong 5, I only missed 4 points to get the next grade. I was worried that I would get a 3 or a 4 as in my mock exams but due to the course and the motivation that I got from OSC, I managed to get a 5 that I am truly happy about. Thank you very much!