Verity attended an OSC Revision Course in Sydney, Australia. Now studying at Oxford University, we asked Verity to look back on her time with OSC.


As a hardworking IB student studying in Sydney, as one of fifteen IB students in my school year-group of one-hundred, participating in an OSC Revision Course gave me the confidence I needed to achieve a 45 in my final exams. I applied to the course looking for world-class teacher expertise, holistic subject summaries and exam techniques – OSC definitely delivered on all three fronts.

I participated in the Chemistry Standard Level, Maths Standard Level and History Higher Level Revision Courses in July, in Sydney, before my September Mocks and November session exams. Overall, the course was very well organised, with many opportunities for student-teacher feedback and question time. The small class sizes and university location also stimulated class discussions – the friendships I made during these course have lasted me well beyond the IB, as we continue to meet up and support each other during our university degrees.

In particular, the Chemistry summary sheets were fantastic at condensing each complex unit into one A4 mind-map. The classes emphasised how syllabus dot-points were tested in past papers, which immediately focused my studying on exam techniques. For example, my teacher explained three key steps and all the important formulas used to answer molar calculations questions, as they always appear in the exams!

Similarly, I found the Maths course really useful in learning calculator skills specific to Paper 2. In my final exams, these tips and tricks saved me precious time that was ultimately crucial to achieving a 7 in the subject. I also really benefitted from receiving a bank of harder problem-solving topic-specific Maths questions that helped me to figure out where I was struggling and how I could improve.

In the same way, the History course pushed me to broaden my critical thinking, in order to strengthen my underlying writing and analysis skills. The classes even inspired me to re-structure all my study notes just before Mocks. I’m a firm believer that your studying format influences your final product, so organizing and condensing each topic by theme according to common essay questions set me up for the exam well in advance. I’m now studying History and Politics at university and still use the same techniques I learnt in these classes!

Practice makes perfect when it comes to exams – and this is especially true for IB Papers. The intensive nature of the classes ensured I learned the patterns and techniques necessary for a 7 in each of my subjects. I knew that I had therefore worked my hardest in the run up to exams. For both students lacking confidence in their skills and high-achievers, I definitely recommend the OSC Revision Courses.

Interested in increasing your IB grades? Applications are open for OSC’s 2017 Revision Courses.