For 27 years, OSC has worked with IB schools from around the world to provide their students with access to our IB Exam Revision Courses and Summer Programmes. Wherever students are in their IBDP journey, OSC can deliver academically intensive classes to complement the teaching received from their schools – helping students to achieve success throughout their IBDP studies.

Group booking service

Through our group booking service, we work with you to identify the programmes most relevant to your students's needs an interests and work with you to develop bespoke solutions.

Our students derived enormous benefits from the courses which have not only provided an academic boost bust also encouraged their aspirations to succeed at the highest possible level.
Alan Henderson ∙ Trustee of the Anglo-Omani Society

Why choose our service?

  1. Preparation - your students will receive high-quality instruction that complements the work done in your school, ensuring they are well prepared for their IB students.
  2. Cultural exchange - you value the opportunity for your students to spend time abroad and to embrace new experiences.
  3. Global connections - your students will spend time with other IB students from around the world, developing their international-minded outlook and building on their English language skills.
  4. Peace of mind - your students will be travelling together, have the support of each other, and will be cared for by our professional staff in safe cities and surroundings.

What's included?

All groups benefit from:

  • An Account Manager to organise your booking
  • Discount on course fees
  • Airport transfer (free with 5 or more students)
  • An information pack containing materials for your students and parents
  • A complimentary chaperone place (see below)

When bringing a group of 5 or more students on an OSC programme you will receive a complimentary chaperone space, as well as the opportunity to network with the  OSC teacher community and access to OSC’s academic experts.

To find out more about the group booking service, or to contact one of our Account Managers visit our website or email