One of the ways that OSC gives back to the IB community is through our free worldwide school visit programme. In recent years our IB consultants have been giving interactive and engaging presentations to parents and students on a range of different aspects of the IB Diploma, with hints and tips for success.

Scores of IB schools around the world have benefited from visits from our OSC School Visits team. When we visit your school, one of our experienced IB experts can make interactive presentations to your school groups on any of these topics (updated for 2016):

The Care and Feeding of Your DP Student

Audience: parents

The DP is a challenging program. This presentation on current brain research will equip parents to help their children succeed while reducing “bad” stress.

The Science of How We Learn

Audience: DP and pre-DP students, teachers, parents

The science of learning is a new field. Over the past 20 years, what we know about how humans learn has changed radically. Our experts synthesise this new research on how to optimise brain function for effective studying.

Time Management

Audience: DP and pre-DP students, teachers, parents

The current research on effectiveness and efficiency is overwhelming.  This presentation filters it and shares proven strategies for students in the DP.

OSC IB School Visits-01

Examiners’ Tips

Audience: DP2 students

What do examiners want, hate and love? This presentation offers plenty of advice and tips from IB examiners on techniques for approaching the exams effectively.

Finishing the Extended Essay

Audience: DP2 students

A written Extended Essay does not necessarily mean it is finished. In this presentation, our expert explains how to earn maximum marks using simple checks.

New Extended Essay (new 2016-2018 guide)

Audience: DP 1 students and teachers ONLY

The IBO has implemented radical changes to the Extended Essay experience for students beginning the DP in 2016.  The process of learning is now central to the assessment criteria. Get some help starting the EE successfully with the new criteria as a focus.

To DP or Not to DP?

Audience: pre-DP students and their parents

Tough decision or obvious choice? With a balanced look at the pros and cons, parents and students will be better equipped to make the right choice for each individual.


Get in touch!

As a part of OSC’s services to schools, there is no charge for these presentations.  Contact us at to find out when one of our team will be in your area, and we will be happy to schedule one or more presentations for your school.