This revision guide aims to provide you with a clear description of the course content for the IBDP History syllabus Paper 1, covering all the required topics within the prescribed subject: the Move to Global War. Success on History Paper 1 requires a combination of mastery of a range of techniques in answering the source-based questions and a secure understanding of the two case studies that make up the prescribed subject.

To help you get the best preparation for your exam, the guide starts with advice on how to approach each of the four types of Paper 1 question. In addition, throughout the guide there are plenty of practice question opportunities and technical tips for answering Paper 1-style questions. It also features key terms and explanations, and, at the end of each case study, provides you with suggested points that could be made to secure full marks in answering those exam questions.

This study and revision guide is the fifth that I have produced for History Paper 1 over the past ten years. I have particularly enjoyed writing these as source analysis is something I have always found hugely engaging. My fascination with working with sources dates back to my days as a student at Oxford University in the early 1980s, where I had the opportunity to get a sense of what being a ‘real’ historian was like, by being able to delve in to collections of primary sources in the Bodleian Library, particularly relating to the English Civil War and my great historical hero, Oliver Cromwell. Since then, source evaluation has invariably been the area of my teaching that I have most looked forward to. I have taught History for the past thirty years in independent schools in the UK, including teaching the IB for twenty-three years at Malvern College, as well as teaching on OSC Easter and Summer revision courses for the past twenty years. I am never happier than when discussing sources with students, exchanging ideas about the insights they can provide into the past and trying to get them to think critically about what the sources can and can’t tell us about the past. So, working on this study guide has been a real pleasure, and I have tried to take approaches in writing it that my experience over the past thirty years has shown to work best in preparing students to tackle source-based questions.

About the author

Joe read Modern History at Lincoln College, Oxford and has been teaching for 24 years. Joe has taught IB History for the last 16 years at Malvern College, Worcestershire, England where he oversees its academic life as Director of Studies.