It has been a wet week in the UK but this hasn’t dampened the enthusiasm of the students that have arrived for the Pre-IB and Mid-IB courses in Oxford and Cambridge. We have students coming from 90 countries this year and in these challenging times for international mindedness in the UK it is heart-warming to see these young people, of so many different nationalities and cultures, learn and play so enthusiastically together. These inspirational young people will play influential roles in our futures through the decisions they will make in their lives and careers; as a result of their time with OSC I hope that we are playing a useful part in global peace and prosperity.


The Pre-IB students have been exploring how become a successful IBDP student. A couple of days ago our Pre-IB Director of Studies, Roz Trudgon, compared completing the IBDP to learning to cook a banquet: over the two years, students build their understanding and skills to get to the final result. The Pre-IB was about giving them the confidence them to boil their first egg! I like that analogy although I am not sure about an egg banquet!

More news and thoughts to come from our University Fair, University Tour, and courses in Cambridge, Sydney, Melbourne, Boston and the art course in Italy.