We say this every year but each year gets better and better, and this year OSC’s IB Revision Courses in Oxford and Shanghai were the best yet. We saw over 1000 IB students representing 76 nationalities from 61 countries attend our courses. The time they share with us is precious. We want them to leave feeling confident about going into their exams and grateful for the time they spent with us.

From reading the feedback, it already shows that students are extremely happy with their OSC experience. Here are a few snippets:

I have learned new exam techniques and easier ways to memorise material, helping me to improve my grades.

The small classes and dedication of the teacher allowed me to ask my questions and get a clear, well-explained answer.

The course is exactly what you need as both a kick-start and a review.

By tackling my weakest topics and improving my knowledge of the subjects, I am confident I will improve my grades.