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IB Visual Arts inspiration

We are delighted to support Heather McReynolds, from La Vigna Art Studios, in offering an inspiring and stimulating summer camp for Pre and Mid IBDP students interested in making art in a new and exciting context, and in developing their potential as artists. Using a range of materials and techniques, students will begin to explore the fundamental ideas of culture, context, and the role of investigation in art-making that is the foundation of IB Art.

OSC Course Card
OSC Course Card

I gained a lot more confidence in my art from this course, and also found a new sense of individuality in my own style and expression.

OSC Course Card

Heather is one of the most helpful and considerate teachers I’ve ever had. She answered all of my questions and was supportive of my own choices and offered extra help and suggestions when I needed it.

OSC Course Card





23 June - 5 July 2019



La Vigna Art Studios, Tuscany, Italy



€2,200 for 1 week (residential)
€4,000 for 2 weeks (residential)




The 2019 Visual Arts Course in Tuscany has now ended.

Information for the 2020 Courses will be available soon. If you would like to be informed when this is available, please click the button below.






Join a Small Group of IB Art Students


Learn from an IB Art Expert


Enjoy your Summer in Tuscany



I can't think of a better way to start the summer: A beautiful environment where you learn new things from such a diverse range of artists, other students, and all the kind, friendly people around you. Every day is unique and tops the day before... which you would think would be difficult to do considering how everything is already fantastic. I feel like this course helps the development of both artistic character and skill and certainly is very thorough and clear about the IB process. I never want to leave!

OSC Art Student


I loved it here so much, it gave me a sense of purpose and direction and I have never been around as many other artists and everything feels wonderfully dreamlike.... I don't know what I was expecting when I signed up for this.... but whatever it was this by far exceeds expectations!

OSC Art Student



Course Address: La Vigna Art Studios, Pisa, Italy